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Have a look at this flashing trail of purple and pink stars sitting on the feet that are a symbol of the wearer’s high ambitions. The girl wears a small star tattoo on her leg that symbolizes her lover who is a source of hope and inspiration for her. The slender waist of the girl looks pretty sensuous when decorated with the dark stars and vine. This stylish stars tattoo looks very unique and represents the dreams of the girl that are equally uber cool.
Running from the neck to the back, these numerous stars are symbolic of the girl’s dreams. Check out these stars sitting behind the ear of the girl that always inspire her to keep her focus on her goals.
The girl displays her large side tattoo that is done with a pair of flowers and numerous stars. Beautiful small blue star sitting on the edge of the girl’s hand has got a very sweet and sexy appeal. This bold and solid-looking nautical star tattoo is symbolic of the wearer’s desire to find the right direction in life. The sharp and neat black outline of this star tattoo is a treat to the eyes and looks very stunning. The guy has got his name engraved along with a red and black nautical star to keep himself motivated and on the right track.

Sitting below the breast, this star and quote tattoo is a symbol of inspiration and freedom. These four stars represent the four people who have been instrumental in guiding the wearer on the right path.
The descending shape of the black stars forming a trail on the leg is symbolic of the four prominent phases in the life of the wearer. This graceful star tattoo oozes a subtle sexy appeal and also makes a catchy style statement.
The guy wears a blue and black nautical star on the back of his arm to represent his marine profession. This tiny stars tattoo looks very dainty and is a symbol of the wishes the girl nurses in her heart.
These captivating stars are a simile for the beauty of life that lies in realizing one’s dreams. Encircling the foot in a delicate manner, the stars and the vine make for a pretty foot tattoo. The big and small pink stars gracing the belly of the girl look very luscious and feminine.
This nautical star is representative of the wearer’s determination to find his own path in life.
These six nautical stars represent the six kids of the mother who are like the guiding star of her life. Sitting on the hand, this blue and black nautical star has a very exquisite appeal and is symbolic of the wearer’s fighting spirit.
This sober pink star on the back of the girl is symbolic of her desire to achieve fame and shine like a star.
This shooting style stars tattoo is in loving memory of the wearer’s deceased daughter Charlotte.
This pair of nautical stars symbolizes the man’s children who are the light of his life.

This nautical star and the conjoined vine stand for the faith and self-belief of the wearer. These colorful stars stand for the varied milestones that have played a significant role in the life of the girl. This miniature star tattoo inside the ear looks very cute and is a symbol of truth, spirit and hope. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. You can choose your favorite color combination to color the stars for a distinctive custom design. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Rhianna is a fine example of a celebrity who has got her body decorated with the twinkling celestial objects.
As far as the preferred body parts for this tattoo are concerned, women love to wear the stars on their waist, hip, chest, wrist and foot while men go for shoulder, arm, chest and back. Stars have a quality that naturally describes a female who loves to dream and be in her own different world. Her starry neck tattoo was widely appreciated and many women got identical tattoos carved on their bodies. If you are also in love with the star tattoo designs and want to decorate your bodies with the same then check out the post we have displayed below.

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