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Lilies belong to the Lilium family, and are native to temperate areas of Eurasia and North America.
Unlike most other bulbs, lily bulbs do not have a protective tunic, and are thus prone to bruising and drying out.
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As for the history of the lily, it is well-known to most people about the biblical history. The colors of the lily range from whites, yellows, oranges, reds, purples, blacks, pinks, gold, and even bronze.
The lily in general is a lovely plant to have in the backyard and typically adjusts to the soil and the sunlight very easily. Coloring Buddy Mike's Arts and Crafts, Signs and Banners Projects Help With Stencils and Templates ! If in doubt, the rule of thumb for lilies is to plant so the top of the bulb is at a depth two to three times the height of the bulb. As with other spring- and summer-blooming bulbs, let the foliage die back on its own, allowing the plants to create energy for next year’s blooms.

Before I get into talking about what I'm about to upload, I wanted to first say that I love the top three lessons that have been subitted by artists Duskeyes, Catlucker, and Finalprodigy, they came out so awesome, and from the looks of things many of you think so too. Next, begin drawing in all the stamen of the lily which omits from the center of the flower. Color in your Stargazer lily using the main colored image as a reference, or find your very own picture of a Stargazer for a coloring guide. You Can Create Flower Picture Coloring Books For The Holidays, Festive Celebrations, and Solemn Events. These hybrids are known for their large showy blooms and many, such as Oriental lilies, have an intense, sweet fragrance. Deep planting allows the bulbs to better withstand heat and cold, and also makes for a sturdier stem. It’s best to water at ground level to minimize fungal diseases and flower discoloration. Stargazer lilies are in the Oriental group and will produce fragrant, deep-pink flowers with delicate white trim on each petal. Maintain a layer of mulch to keep the soil cool and maintain moisture, but keep the mulch away from the stems to prevent rot. Easter is exactly a week away which means beautiful flowers are going to be displayed even more in the stores.

Curl in the tips for each petal then move along to step five where you will finish this flower off. It is often a flower that is placed in celebration bouquets because of the many shades and colors that the lily blooms.
Water well after planting and apply a thick layer of mulch to protect the bulbs from winter heaving. You may have seen these beautiful blooms displayed in your florist shop, or you may even have them growing in your garden. They are typically considered a summer bloom, but you can have them year round just by drawing or even painting a bouquet, or single flower. They are mainly pink in color with a series of small dots or freckles coming out from the center of their petals.
Lots of gardeners love having these blooms in their gardens because they are so breathtakingly beautiful.

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