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Freelance student journalist, started graphic design firm, promoted up through the Danish military, served on peace mission in Kosovo, won NATO rifle competition, ran a 100km marathons in 15 hours, bachelor of psychology, bachelor of philosophy, graduated from the Danish School of Photography, maintains photographic studio with 2 staff and 10 freelancers, world’s top selling microstock photographer. A recent PDN Stcok shooter’s survey showed that the vast majority (90% or more) of microstock contributors can expect to make around $1000 a YEAR. A recent PDN Stcok shootera€™s survey showed that the vast majority (90% or more) of microstock contributors can expect to make around $1000 a YEAR. I don’t think microstock is the definitive sales model, but at least it is a good and accessible entry point for amateurs, and a good place to sell more generic (high-volume sales) photographs for the pros. I think that images that cost a lot to produce and have more specific subjects, without a potential for high-volume sales, should be sold through macrostock.
Unfortunately, few photographers take all this into consideration when they look at the price they sell an image or the use of that image for.
Most photographers tend to be sole traders and they (in my experience) do not factor in the costs of their time. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. This image's full description is Motoryacht serene", 133.9m, Built In 2011 By Yacht Builder Fincantieri Yachts And Owned By Yuri Scheffler, Cote D'azur", 201104. Register today with Travel Pictures and we will extend you a 25% discount for the first six months.

You will then be able to price it, order it, pay by credit card or paypal and download a 10mb jpeg straightaway. He’s extremely successful at creating commercial photos which has resulted in his career being extremely well documented. In January 2008 he earned $64,000 from microstock and with his macrostock income the total was over $80,000.
I have devoted little time to stock shooting, but in the last 5 months I was able to make about $600 from 8 microstock sites.
Another good thing is that the microstock model addresses a new market – for example, the blogs and other low budget website editors and designers, for whom the purchase of a $200 image is prohibitive. I wish I could some day get to a point where I can contribute to both types of agencies, with different kinds of work.
So just compare numbers from now to next month, and you will know his Istockphoto revenues.
There’s the cost of equipment and technology, cataloging it into a database with keywords, etc, etc.? The cost of producing each image is far higher than the income from it so the only way to break even or make profit is to shoot at a phenomonal rate.
Just because you can sell a lot?( maybe) on microstock sites it is not a good reason to do so.

What will be left will be people who are prepared to subsidize their photography with a day job. One thing is fore sure ppl try for different option and they keep experimenting for the best options. Yuri says that even though his revenue is so high, his maintenance costs, managment costs and distribution fees will mean he won’t break even on recent investments for another few months. I think they deserve to have some decent images to illustrate their work, and they are willing to pay something for it. Then pay business overhead expenses, both fixed and variable, cover your living costs and set some money aside for retirement. This is unsustainable, the company will burn out, they will run out of ideas or the market will become saturated, he will kill his own market.

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