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I got a new tattoo on my ankle on Saturday and most of it seems to be healing fine but on a couple of the shaded areas on the outside scabs have formed but they seem very soft. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Tattoo Advice Please! If the spider morph is your favorite find the best photos of spider ball pythons possible, talk to the artist, tell him what it is about the morph you like and the artist will work with you to create your ultimate tattoo! Red tail boas would also be great, considering the different colors on the animal..that bright red of the tail would look fantastic!!
Also, spider ball pythons could easily be transformed into a more simple drawing(while still being recognizable) if you don't want to sit for the big realistic ones!
You could ask your artist to stylize a pattern based on real ball python markings instead of these simple tribal shapes. I don't care for ink, no how, no way, even if it's a Kama Sutra How-To on some lovely girl's backside.
Watching a somewhat recent episode of Ferguson's show, he was chatting with Stephen Fry, Tom Snyder style (a *great* ep, by-the-way) about life in American. Not going into any political discussion or observation, I appreciated his zeal for his new country. When Tom was on alongside other shows like Charlie Rose, I always wished that Tom could get Charlie's guests. So, if I'm following this thread correctly, Craig Ferguson has a henna tattoo of Japanese tentacle pron? If you had seen that episode with Fry, you might agree that he would have no problem shifting gears.

But really now, the man is a multi-millionaire and I'm sure that figures into his glee some kind of way. Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post need drawing advice!
First time posting, forgive me if I'm in the wrong section or any other social **** i'm going to make. After the 'mistakes' of youth, I'm looking to get some tattoos that I'm happy with, some great art and not just the flash from the local guys wall.
I'm not limited to Japanese stylee but can only flick through art and say 'yep like that' now and then, picking out artists whose work is somewhere in the ballpark. She doesn't exactly make work like this, but I reckon she could, have a chat with our very own Juliet Preston (Artycow on here). I also wanted a tattoo in the style of johan but having looked at loads of artists in last 6 months noone does anything to that standard in that style in this country.
Someone on here paid flights etc to go over and had a brilliant piece by johan, have a search. I have been hearing rumours of ?200 per hour and only wanting to do very large pieces at conventions.
You could try Oddboy who posts on the board occasionally, He does some fairly similar stuff. Just a couple of examples of his work, much more in his gallery or check out the forum tattooists showcase thread to see some other stuff.
I put the tiniest amount on as it was starting to feel tight but now those scabs are soft and weeping plasma again.

Of course, he would have to change a bit to attract the same caliber of guests (along with the acerbic wit and it may even be better). Henna is the stuff that's not permanent isn't it; Hentai has something to do with Japanese porn?
The new sketch is at the top of the drawings or it should be I've added a link to the url to see if that helps.
I think I will try it in perspective and maybe a black n grey version, we'll see what happens. Not sure exactly what constitutes very large, but I know that the pricing figure is correct. I had some scrabbling on linework on my forearm after a week or so, and now those bits look just the same as the rest now it's healed.
Haha only joking seriously though id just keel applying minimall amounts of bep so it doesnt get too mushy and knock the scab off prematurely. AskMen sat down with professional tattoo artist Billy Gray and found out the Top 10 things you should know before getting your first tattoo.

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