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For love of the gamea€‹Some folks like to take their love of gaming to a whole new level, permanently marking their body with images of their favorite titles, characters and consoles. If you're going to take things that far, you better at least have a fantastic design in mind. This one has all the basics covered, covering the early ages of gaming from Pong on up to The Legend of Zelda. This Super Street Fighter II tattoo looks like it was scanned straight off of the screen and onto this dude's arm. Retired engineer and Edison worshiper wants someone to take his massive collection of antique audio equipment.

A stylized skull made up of the outlines of numorous cats, based on a Japanese design.Order This Design as a Temporary Tattoo! This is a scan of a hand-colored version so it may turn out neat as a "tattoo" with variations in color. The clouds sweep in from the right, with Mario's fireball continuing the wave back from the left.
Using Portal's iconic Companion Cube and cake, the bearer of this great tattoo forces us to feel a wide array of emotions including love, loss, betrayal, hope, anticipation, utter joy and crushing defeat. The Medieval story of Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight claimed that it represented the 5 wounds inflicted on Christ, and therefore demons are terrified of it.

Another explanation is that it represents Man (or God), plus the elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Celtic motifs represent elements: A stag & oak leaves=earth, A bird=air, Celtic sea serpents=water, and a flame with Pictish spirals=fire.

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