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Horse Tattoo meaning - freedom (like mermaid tattoos), independence (like an american flag), self-confidence (like a seahorse), endurance, courage (like a Griffin), agility (like an alligator), alertness, speed, strength (like a bull), intelligence, beauty, power, fertility, etc.
Horse Tattoo Placement ideas - on your back, behind your ear, on your lower back, on your foot, on your ribs, on your hip, on your thigh, on your shoulder. Horse Tattoos on celebrities – Liz Jones (she has a horse tattoo on her shoulder), Jacqui Sandell (a horse tattoo on her wrist), Scarlett Johansson (she has a lucky horse tattoo on her body), etc.

These angel wing tattoo and vector wing clipart will be a perfect addition to any hard rock or rock vector design.
Our detailed Vector Snake Tattoo Clipart Illustrations will add life to any vector graphic design project. Ideal for use as a background vector graphic these wings will make you look like an angel to your clients.

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