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Jeff says he primarily does Japanese work and American traditional tattooing but with a twist, because he likes to do the color blending and also fine line work. He was told that one should practice on themselves so that they’d know how it felt to be tattooed by them. Whether researching the Hot Stuff Devil comics of the 50s and pedal cars of that age or to ensure the correctness and authenticity for a client’s Viking sleeve, Jeff definitely pours himself into it one hundred percent. He explained to me how ATMs work and how they get filled, which is more fascinating than I would have imagined.
He’s endearingly crazy about his wife, who he describes as his best buddy, and he told me about how lucky he was that she picked him to guard in a basketball game when she was a teeny little lady with dreads. He is starting to do a lot more geeky tattoos lately, like the 20-sided die he recently completed on a walk-in client.

He learned a lot from this tattoo, but the most important thing he learned was that the machine should never go silent. He’s probably a really good guy to have around because he can take an ATM machine apart with a pen knife, so you never know when that could come in handy. You’ll notice that Jeff doesn’t have a lot of tattoos on his hands, his neck, anywhere visible. Their living space in their home is lined with bookshelves, as they both love to read everything they can get their hands on.
He said that Carl would always tell him that you don’t want your hands tattooed in case you ever have to go in front of a judge. He was an Eagle Scout, so doing things like making sure she knows the names of the trees in Latin, for example.

Jeff himself tells younger people who come to him that they should think about the kind of jobs they want to do before they tattoo their hands.
It seems to me like he feels that that pays respect to those who went before him and that he feels that a tattooer should know the history. As a Nathan Fillion lover myself, I knew he was in it, but didn’t realize it was a space western.) Jeff is a comic guy, preferring aliens and cartoons in his down time, although he ranked Airwolf nearly as high as Transformers as the best tv show of his youth.

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