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We would like to thank Horimyo for taking the time to talk to us and for allowing us to film his very personal work. If you would like to know more about Horimyo, see more of his work, or even talk to him about possibly creating a tattoo for you the next time you’re in Tokyo, please check out his official website.
1K Films is a full production independent video company working in both the US & Japan. Micheal James is just that, he has a self pride of art, a fantastic, a well rounded extremely talented artist who fits perfect with the shops highest standers of tattooing.. We look forward to seeing you with an image or thought to push the boundaries of yours & our imagination. Copyright © 2016 Tattoo Art Project - Network of professional realistic tattoo artists.
When the cams are overloaded or timeout, the image doesn't load or disappear, first press the "play" button in the player, otherwise reload the site. I was searching for inspiration, looking at the art of Van Gogh and Matisse looking for something which opened my eyes to an amazing world of colour to better myself as an artist.
Tattoo artist Mike DeVries of Encino, CA brings skin to life with his finesse in photo realism art in the tattoo genre.

His celeb portraits, from Johnny Cash to Salvador Dali, Sarah Connor to Marilyn Monroe, are just great. I often wonder how come certain countries in the world can have so many incredible realistic tattoo artists, and other countries, maybe even huge countries…have almost none?
Italy is on the other hand one of the countries that has among the very best realistic tattoo artists in the world!
Giuliano Cascella has a way, both in color and black & grey tattoos, to create a perfect balance between distinct contrasts and delicately smooth shading and highlight effects.
Bringing new and super talented tattoo artists like Giuliano Cascella, is pretty much why this project is some damn fun and inspirational to me!
If you have basic artistic talent, it can be developed into the skill it takes to become a tattoo artist.
While most tattoo artists today use tattoo machines, all of Horimyo’s art work is applied by his own hands.
Tattoos have become very popular and it’s nice to see other people that have the same interest. I’ve been looking for the perfect Pad Thai Recipe and think I may have found two of the greatest!

It’s most likely a combination och historical, cultural and economical explanation for that.
Giuliano Cascella is an absolutely brilliant realistic tattoo artist from Naples, Italy and he is definitely one of those super talented tattoo artists that we will see a lot more from in the future. You will hone your craft by taking classes, working with other artists, watching videos, reading books, online training courses, and of course, practice. In recent years, many younger Japanese people have begun embracing tattoos as fashion statements, like people do in many western countries.
He also took time to tell us about why he strongly believes in traditional Japanese tattoo and the power of art made by hand.
In my opinion Giuliano creates tattoos that takes the comparison with other more famous tattoo artists to a whole new level of kick ass! However, there remains a group of traditional Japanese tattoo artists who look at body art as something more than fashion – something spiritual and deeply personal.

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