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Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop! We have been providing custom tattoo and piercing services in Orlando Florida for over 20 years. Our artists include some of the best in all of Florida and can create unique custom tattoos that you can be proud of.
A tattoo is forever, and making sure you get the best quality tattoo by the best artists is important. Ink Spot Tattoo has several locations throughout Central Florida --We have multiple new locations coming soon. Ascension Tattoo prides themselves on being a fully custom studio will highly trained, award-winning artists. For our latest stories, inspiration, and tattoo advice please subscribe to our email newsletter. Russell Van Schaick has come a long way from doodling at the kitchen table in his childhood home. Lately, the shop’s been lighting up with smiles because Russell brought a style to Hart & Huntington that clients are going crazy for – watercolor. Taking on the watercolor style was a combination of fascination with painter Agnes Cecile and his relentless dedication to grow and refine his craft. Russell studied her portrait work online and the amount of detail characteristic of her style. Think back to art class, dipping your plastic-handled brush in water, then in paint, allowing it to bleed and drip on paper, some strokes more vibrant than others.

Like the evolution of hip hop—old school to gangster rap to alternative hip hop—comes a change in tattoo style. From his first tattoo to pieces done by other H&H Orlando artists, Jeremie shares some of his most personal tattoos.
Featuring shops such as Miss Heidi’s Tattoo, Stigma Tattoo Bar, 13 Studio, Rise Above Tattoo, Cast Iron Tattoos, Chicago Tattoo Co, and Atomic Tattoos, Orlando is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. Our State of the Art Tattoo Studios are located in Downtown Orlando, Orangs Avenue, International Drive Orlando, Kissimmee Florida, West Oaks Mall , West Melbourne Mall, Lakeland Mall, Sandlake and International Drive, between Kirkman and Oakridge Road, and with new locations opening soon throughout the State. We work closely with our customers to make sure they are comfortable and understand all that comes with getting a new tattoo or piercing.
We have a selection of many talented artist to choose from, each with their own unique creative style, call us today to schedule an appointment. Each artist is dedicated to exceedign their clients expectations, using their unique, distinct style and dedication to the art of this industry. Once a musician and always with an appreciation for art, he wanted to take his talent to a more personal level.
With a population of around 250,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town. Being a tattoo artist meant he could meet new people, hear their stories and change lives through his work. Russell studies the way watercolor paint reacts on paper to create the right color saturation, the right softness and the right blend so that the tattoo literally looks painted on.
Your story, the flow of your body and your personal style all play their part in creating the piece.

After an apprenticeship and years of experience, he joined Hart & Huntington where he became instantly inspired by the talent of his well-known coworkers. The finished piece is as far from what you’d commonly think of as a tattoo, yet as personal and profound as the story that inspired it. His uniqueness translates into his tattooing style that is becoming more and more fun to look at with each passing day. Google Places lists 212 different tattoo shops in the Orlando area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. Seeing a client smile as they see their story brought to life by his own hand is what it’s all about. When he doesn't have an artistic tool in his hand, you will probably find him inside a movie theater or winding down at home. Atomic Tattoo currently boasts one of the best selection of artists in the area, featuring Alberto Avila, Christopher Russell, CJ Orazi, Curtis Aldrich, Jack Mihoover, Lia Jones, Rick Rosas, and Stacey Carr. He believes that saturation makes a great watercolor tattoo, blurring and softening the edges to create the effect.
When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

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