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Nationally accredited & OSHA compliant 2-year (1-year for BBP) certification according to the guidelines published by the American Heart Association. One administrative license to MAESTRO™, EU's proprietary Learning Management System, that securely maintains training and testing records to demonstrate compliance and print certificates without additional software. Optional CPR Instructor-led skills add-on available today or anytime via Skype or Face-time.
Blood Borne Pathogen Testing: Simple, multiple choice questions to ensure that the student has achieved basic knowledge required to prevent and properly handle potential exposures. Adult CPR Testing According to AHA Published Guidelines: Through simulation of actual emergency experience requiring CPR, the student performs the proper sequence of action necessary to perform CPR and the use of CPR in conjunction with an AED. New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. Dad is all praise about his daughter, 7-year-old Alicia Gutierrez, who is training to tattoo like daddy. A 7-year-old girl is making her mark, following in daddya€™s footsteps to be a tattoo artist.
Father Patrick Gutierrez started tattooing when he was 14, but pops wants little Alicia applying her own ink at an even younger age. We don't know if this will be what 7-year-old Alicia Gutierrez's first tattoo looks like, but she's certainly learning a lot from daddy about the ink trade. Watar has demonstrated an incredible drive to master technical line work within his tattoo designs. Stefan traveled from his native Cyprus home to immerse himself in tattoo artist training from our Thailand Tattoo School. Insure your future today – sign up for the tattoo artist training Thailand Tattoo School is famous for. We've built our name and the trust in the tattoo industry by our unique style, dedication as well as our hard work over a decade, so you too can count on us to make you, have a good brand as we have.

Luke Stewart: I grew up listening to punk rock and hardcore and I was attracted to the subculture. I had been training under a guy who was an ex-wrestler, and he knew a triangle choke or whatever, so it was called jiu-jitsu back then.
A lot of the guys that taught me to tattoo, I was teaching them jiu-jitsu, and it kind of turned into this back-and-forth trade of information. I started tattooing out of the my house and trying to build up some kind of portfolio to take to a shop, just trying to get a job anywhere I could. Advice to fighters: Do some research, and find some good tattooers, because a lot of people are going to be looking at your tattoos. First Aid: 45 minutes includes online training, practice and testing through EU's backpack of first aid knowledge.
Includes Airway and Breathing Emergencies, Cardiovascular Emergencies, Environmental Emergencies, Bleeding, Shock, Major and Minor Trauma, Burns, OSHA, NGFATOS Compliant. Shea€™s moved on from coloring books to real skin, practicing the art of ink at her fathera€™s Abilene, Texas, tattoo parlor. Wearing a pink a€?Future tattoo artista€? T-shirt, Alicia was all smiles as Patrick praised his baby girl.
Within just a few short weeks, he was producing the highly intricate designs you’ll see throughout his gallery. From dragons to skulls, his line work is fluid and the expressions he manifests bring every tattoo to life. Many of our graduates go on to pursue successful careers in the tattoo industry – and so can you.
A lot of my friends had tattoos and a lot of the guys in the bands I was listening to were tattooed, and I think what drew me to it initially was I just liked that badass, tough image that tattoos had, you know?
I landed a job at a shop called Goldfield’s Tattoo in North Beach, owned by a guy named Henry Goldfield.

In the back, there’s a boxing ring with maybe an inch of foam under it, then concrete. You go into a shop, somebody tells you they’re gonna do a good dragon and you trust them, then they do some god-awful fucking heap of shit on your arm, and what are you gonna do? You don’t need to get your frickin’ astrological sign and then write what it is underneath, you know? Shea€™s good, too, staying inside the lines of a flower design on a mana€™s arm as she deftly maneuvered a buzzing needle while showing off for NewsFix. From skillful ripped skin tattoos to custom back pieces, Stefan quickly gained an arsenal of skills that will carry him far in any tattooing profession. Stefan’s strengths also include a fearless ability to use color and shading, giving his figures and designs a gritty realism. Seven years later, he embarked on an MMA career, not long after he opened his own shop, Seventh Son Tattoo, in San Francisco.
Even as a kid, I was drawing tattoo imagery and drawing tattoos on myself with Sharpies and that kind of stuff.
Now effectively retired from MMA competition, Stewart offers his take on living by the (tattoo) gun, the training session that was way harder than any fight, and why MMA fighters as a species are prone to such shitty tattoos. It would just break you mentally, but later on, you definitely feel like it gave you strength. I had one Olympic Greco wrestler, an Olympic freestyle wrestler, just taking turns on me, and I’m just getting my ass fucking kicked, man.

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