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Calligraphy is different than lettering, we draw letters in lettering, and in calligraphy we write letters. Sorry I’m loosing the second sketch, I accidentally spilled water on it before I take the picture. Calligraphy tattoos has been around for many centuries and known to be a symbolic form of ancient writing that conveys a very deep and profound meaning. History demonstrates the influence of calligraphy with handwritten manuscripts and letters that developed in the early centuries. Calligraphy tattoos possesses an intricate form of ancient writing that were by various cultures and prehistoric societies. The art of calligraphy tattoos is very dynamic and would really make a distinctive mark on the world of tattoos.
Calligraphy has many style, it can be Western, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, both classical or modern.

Calligraphy utilizes variety of flourishing writing techniques that results to beautiful, hand lettered works of art. The “Gothic” is one type of calligraphic writing that is considered to be one of the most comprehensible and modified by famous writers like Johannes Gutenberg when he printed his first edition of the Bible.
In Chinese tradition and most of South East Asian regions also made use of calligraphy in many of their writing pieces and are very popular subjects for calligraphy tattoo designs.
The word calligraphy came from two Greek words, “kallos” which means beauty and “graphe meaning writing.
It is usually seen in the form of capital letters,in calligraphy tattoos,  illuminated passages that expresses different teachings, words of wisdom or ancient traditions that has been passed on by many generations. It gives a more personalized attitude to the message you wish to convey and can be very attracting to many people with its simple yet complex figures. Young people love to get calligraphy tattoos because of its unique style and sense of individuality.

Most calligraphy tattoos are created with variety of Chinese characters and figures that expresses different meanings and representation. You can choose from various calligraphy tattoos designs  or scriptures whether it is Chinese, Japanese or Arabic, one cannot deny that these tattoo designs are one of a kind. Other people choose to have their own names written in ancient Chinese characters to have a more personalized and exotic look. Calligraphy tattoos are the best tattoo design of choice for those who wish to be exceptional and stand out in the crowd.

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