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With prices starting as low as $90 per treatment, the cost of laser tattoo removal is certainly in reach if you want to remove that dud tatt. The size of your tattoo, your skin type and number of treatments required will be determined in the FREE consultation after an examination of your tattoo. We might also need to perform a spot test with the laser to determine how your skin and the tattoo react to treatment. As time evolved into the present era, though, the so-called modern tribal tattoos that are spoken of today do not, in any way, represent certain tribes anymore.
On average, a tribal tattoo can cost anywhere from $150 to $450 for a two to four hour job.  This price range will usually get you a tattoo that is larger than the size of your hand. At New Tribe Tattoos and Piercings, the hourly rate of tattoo work is $150.  Smaller tattoos cost between $80 and $120. To get a tattoo in the United States, the customer has to be at least 18 years old to be able to qualify for tattoo services, and he or she must be able present an ID with photograph to prove it.
You will need some tattoo aftercare lotion, moisturizer or tattoo cream to care for it for the weeks after.  Most of the time, the shop will provide this for a small fee. Most shops impose a minimum charge, which usually starts at $50 to $75, regardless of the size of the tattoo.
Working on a tribal tattoo requires specialized knowledge of the artist about the cultural background and significance of the design.
You must avoid sun exposure or tanning beds for at least two weeks after you got your tattoo.  But, if it is unavoidable to be exposed to the sun, you must apply an SPF30 sunblock. You may return to your life routine only when the tattoo ink has established itself into your skin. If it is your first time to have a tattoo, ask around to find a good artist.  Do not focus on the cheapest rate because the artist might not be the right person to give you the service you want to get. Make sure that you are comfortable with the tattoo artist who will perform the markings on you. Tattoo removal cost can be calculated by first determining how many sessions are needed to remove a tattoo. Kirby-Desai Scale was created by doctors to help doctors, laser technicians, and estheticians estimate the amount of laser tattoo removal sessions needed to remove a tattoo regardless of size, color, or shape. By using this model at home, you will have an 80% accuracy determining the number of laser sessions it will take to remove your tattoo. The size of the tattoo also affects the tattoo removal cost, which will further discus later in this post.
When you determine the number of sessions and the size of the tattoo, you can ask tattoo removal service providers how much they charge per square inch for laser tattoo removal.

The decreased effect of laser tattoo removal in patients with higher Fitzpatrick skin types occurs because the laser operators use lower laser settings and wait longer between treatment sessions to hopefully minimize unwanted side effects. The upper and lower back also have the second largest amount blood vessels and lymphatic supply.
Having a tattoo located on your upper body will will result in less tattoo removal sessions.
Tattoo artists use a variety of compounds to create tattoo pigment, with an inability to specifically identify the exact makeup of the ink.
These differences in pigment size and composition lead to the difference in amount of treatments needed for tattoo removal. Black pigments are the easiest to remove due to their relative small size, lack of metallic elements, and ability to absorb every wavelength of light. The amount of ink within a tattoo is another factor that affects laser tattoo removal costs.
In the Kirby-Desai scale, the amount of ink is divided into four categories: amateur (letters, words, or small symbols), minimal (one color, simple design), moderate (one color, complex design), and significant (multicolored, complex design), with each category receiving from 1 to 4 points, respectively. Patients sometimes seek to “remove” an undesirable tattoo by layering or covering it up with another tattoo. The new tattoo is usually larger than the tattoo it is replacing, incorporating and hiding the previous tattoo in new contours and colors. Total your Kirby-Desai points and this cumulative number is an estimate of amount sessions are needed to remove your tattoo. Measure the width and length of the tattoo (3 inches by 5 inches) and multiple them together to get the square inches (15 square inches). PicoSure laser tattoo removal sessions can be significantly more money, but they can remove tattoos quicker with less discomfort.
We will give you an estimate as to how many sessions you will require and cost per session.
If your tattoo requires more treatments than our original estimate, we will guarantee your results by offering you up to 2 additional free treatments spaced 6 weeks apart.
Tattoo removal requires a laser to penetrate the same area while leaving the top skin layer without significant damage.
Successful laser tattoo removal outcomes can be achieved on darker skin types although the rate of adverse effects, specifically hypopigmentation, is understandably higher. The head and neck maintain the largest amount of blood and lymph nodes and have a large vascular supply.

As such, professional and amateur tattoos differ in their physical and chemical composition of ink. Black pigment granules in tattoos vary in size and are typically composed of carbon- and iron-containing granules. Red pigments are also considered easily removable in comparison to other colors, such as green and yellow based on their composition as well.
The difference in the amount of ink depends on the type of tattoo the patient has—professional or amateur.
Tattoo placement may result in increased collagen deposition in the skin, with potential for scar formation.
Since tattoo ink is translucent, layering or covering up a previous tattoo necessitates darker tones in the new tattoo to effectively hide the older one. This rate depends on a number of factors such as region where you live and the experience of the laser technician.  For example a Board Certified Dermatologist in California will charge you more per square inch than a Certified Laser Specialist in Nebraska. Amateur tattoos tend to use carbon particles compiled from cigarette ash, pencil particles, graphite, or inks, such as India ink. Red pigments are known to contain a mixture of metallic and carbon elements with a smaller percentage of titanium dioxide, leading to its ease in removal. Amateur tattoos are usually placed unevenly and tend to contain less ink than professional artists. Since the new layered tattoo is larger and darker, it will require more treatments for tattoo removal.
Total your points to equal your estimated amount of sessions! Understanding the amount of tattoo removal treatments will help determine your laser tattoo removal cost. Professional artists use organic dyes mixed with metallic elements and pigments to achieve a desired color. Other colors, such as green, yellow, and orange are more difficult to remove and warrant a higher amount of points on the Kirby-Desai scale, resulting in higher tattoo removal costs. As such, layering is given 2 points in the Kirby-Desai scale resulting in more sessions and increased tattoo removal costs. Professional tattoos on the other hand tend to lie deeper in the skin and have a greater density of pigment.

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