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Whatever quote you decide on, make sure that it is something that will apply to you and be relevant for the rest of your life. For a tattoo that has a lot of attitude, history and lore, consider the myriad of scorpion tattoos available.
Scorpion tattoos can be dark and forbidding, but they can also be a lot more attractive than you might think. Scorpion tattoos can be large or small, and they can have as much or as little detail as you’d like. Another story goes that when Medusa was slain by Perseus, the blood that leaked out of Medusa’s neck turned into snakes and scorpions.
The Bible uses the story of Israelites trampling scorpions as a metaphor for achieving victory over the terrible acts brought on by the devil. There was an Egyptian scorpion goddess that was thought to help ease the pain of childbirth (if women prayed to her appropriately). Because the scorpion numbs its prey before stinging, the ancient Mayans associated the scorpion with surgery. Scorpions were found in designs on sword handles and amulets in Tibet and a variety of other Buddhist cultures.
Zodiac tattoos are one of the most popular styles of tattoos, so it stands to reason that the scorpion tattoo and Scorpio tattoos in particular are so popular. Like a curled fist, the partially coiled scorpion image seems to indicate that its wearer is a fighter, someone to be reckoned with, someone not to cross. The most popular areas of the body for the smaller feminine tattoos include the arms, back and right above the ankle, which is where women often choose to locate the scorpion tattoo. Angel wings tattoo usually makes it look like the person has the wings growing out of their back. Dolphin tattoo designs are also commonly used to represent a fresh start or a new beginning.
People tend to gather quotes from various places including famous speeches, presidential quotes, quotes from The Bible, quotes from songs and from books as well. This usually means avoiding slang terms and other phrases that may not make much sense a few dozen years up the road. If you would like to tattoo motivational quotes on yourself, you should find a quote that is not only relevant to your life but also will mean something to you years down the road as well.
Many people choose to tattoo quotes from famous figures that have made speeches that really had a profound affect on their lives.

These quotes are usually from songs or music that had a profound affect on their life when they first heard it. In any case, it will be immediately recognizable – because even those of us who have never seen an actual scorpion seem to have an innate recognition of the symbol and all that it represents. When Orion, a giant who was more than human but less than a God, incurred the wrath of Artemis, she called upon a scorpion to attack him. Some incorporate what appears to be a small exploding bomb at the end of the scorpion’s tail. In a small but unobtrusive way, the wearer sends a signal that even the small and quiet can be forceful and sometimes deadly. The scorpion was a popular symbol used in the tribal tattoo art of many different cultures. These tattoos come in various sizes; some can be very small, while others may cover the whole back. It is also one of the most popular tattoo choices and it is most commonly tattooed on women.
The develop friendships, which differ greatly from the relationships that they place themselves in.
They commonly occur in our dreams, and many psychology literature attempts to figure out what the appearance of a dolphin in our dreams may mean.
One thing is for sure though, no matter where you get your quote from there are a few things that you need to plan for with quote tattoos. There are millions of motivation quotes available online, but perhaps it is best that you find a quote from your own experiences and from your own life. It is important that if you choose to find a famous quote that you find something that is relevant to your life and really means a lot to you.
If it is more of a personal quote you may want to place the quote in an area that is easily covered. You might be interested in a scorpion tattoo because Scorpio is your zodiac sign or because you enjoy the dark and foreboding sense that scorpions give. There are so many different species of dolphins, and so many different types of dolphin tattoos that the possibilities are literally endless.
They are one of only a few animals that mate for the pleasure of it, and not just for the procreation effects. Someone who tattoos a dolphin on themselves may be proclaiming their new beginning, washing away the sins of their old life.

The tattoo representation of a dolphin in relation to dreams could mean the dreaming for a better life, or at least for a different life.
This quote can be from a book that you have read, a song that is very dear to you, or perhaps a quote from the book of your religion. If you would like people to see the quote that you have tattooed, you may want to tattoo it in an area such as your forearm or on your shoulder. For some people, that may be the reason for getting an angel wings tattoo design, but there are many other reasons why can get one. Dolphins are known for being extremely smart creatures, and therefore can be used to symbolize wisdom.
Dolphins are able to learn tricks at an alarming rate, and often dolphins will have their own personalities and traits that separate them from others. These tattoos are often accompanied by a phrase or words that relate to the picture that they are trying to create. Would you like it to be very meaningful, funny, or just something that you would like to read everyday for the rest of your life?
Because they are one of only a few animals that can learn from humans and at times, communicate with humans, they are often considered to be the connection between us and the sea. They tend to have an advantage over other sea creatures that they share the waters with because they have a much better grasp of the world around them.
Someone who tattoos a dolphin on them could be trying to represent their love for the animal kingdom. There are many great reasons why dolphins are often connected with wisdom and being intellectual.
For others, dolphins may represent the death of a previous life that they never wish to return to. Because dolphins are so smart, they are respected in many cultures and are known to be representative of trailblazing, or creating your own path.

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