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If you are not yet a Reinventing The Tattoo member, it's a subscription-based educational package that gives you access to the entire Reinventing curriculum, which comes in a combination of e-book and video format and covers everything from the fundamentals of good tattoo design to working with references, using digital tools, expanding your skills through painting and other mediums, plus exhaustive chapters on tattooing technique. For many years, tattoos have been used in advertising to promote and sell a variety of products.
I did this piece on friday at Surf n Ink convention, Australia, Jan 2010 on one of my awesome and generous hosts Gregos, who sat like a champion through this and a collaborative tattoo on sunday, that i did on his other leg with one of Australia's top bio-mech artists, Brad Bako.
Featuring books and DVDs by Guy Aitchison, Michele Wortman, Shawn Barber, Nikko Hurtado, Paul Booth, Nick Baxter, Mike Devries, Russ Abbott, and Health Educators. I just did a second pass on a big backpiece coverup tattoo project I've been working on this year, and thought I'd share the photos and talk a little about my strategy. Now, the traditional approach to coverup tattoo projects has always been to go dark, and try to overwhelm the old tattoo.
For larger work, I tattoo most efficiently on many types of projects by starting magnum first. This consists of darkening the bold lines made with the 5 magnum and saturating the feathery details in such a way as to incorporate and camouflage the old outlines. In this first session, I deliberately aimed a little light, knowing I would have a second (and third, if necessary) chance to add more detail, saturate the color more and do whatever necessary to really hide the old piece. Part of the art of coverup tattoos is in accepting that a small amount of the old tattoo may be visible, and distracting the eye from that with strong detail and movement. Featuring books and DVDs by Guy Aitchison, Michele Wortman, Shawn Barber, Nikko Hurtado, Nick Baxter, Mike Devries, Joe Capobianco, Keith Ciaramello, Russ Abbott, and Health Educators. One thing that all tattoo artists and collectors are familiar with is the human skull; this universal icon is as much a part of tattoo culture as the ink itself. Forming as an idea, progressing into a collection of efforts, and ending on the coffee table, this book is not merely two covers, a binding, and 240 pages; it is a display of thousands of hours of work, in which artists have created a compilation devoted to one of the biggest inspirations in art since the beginning of self expression. Artists like Shawn Barber, Jeff Gogue, Nick Baxter, Bugs, Nikko Hurtado, and Carlos Torres have translated their paintings into tattoos and vice-versa; opening the doors for the possibilities of each medium to grow. Featuring books and DVDs by Guy Aitchison, Michele Wortman, Shawn Barber, Nikko Hurtado, Nick Baxter, Mike Devries, Joe Capobianco, Keith Ciaramello, Russ Abbott, Marisa Kakoulas, Chris Lowe, Durb Morrison, Shige, Chris Dingwell, Dan Henk, Health Educators and others!
Scottso, a friend of mine and the owner of a new tattoo shop named Ritual in Farmingdale, NY, commissioned me to do a painting for him.

As the tattoo art form continues to evolve and grow in popularity, knowing what to do about unwanted tattoos is becoming more and more crucial for tattoo artists. For subscribers to Reinventing The Tattoo, it comes free with your subscription as a part of the curriculum. The live format also allowed for some insightful audience questions to round out the program.
Since the electronic edition was released in October we've been steadily expanding the curriculum with guest chapters by Russ Abbott, Nick Baxter, Megan Jean Morris, Don McDonald and Halo Jankowski, plus new chapters by me about rotary machines and needle cartridges. Tattoos are seen in advertisements selling Marlboro and Silk Cut cigarettes, and used by such corporations as the Sony Company and the Coca-Cola Company in both their print and television ads. Each page draws the viewer into a world that is a bit surreal, sometimes chaotic but always visually mesmerizing. The problem with this approach is that the outlines of the old tattoo almost always show through, even with solid black tribal work, making the piece look like an obvious coverup. In this case, I used a 5 magnum, which has very low skin resistance, allowing for quick work. The next step, though, allows for selective saturation in just the right places: the tightening stage.
This time through, I first got into it with a 5 round to work all the detail, using a combination of black and color to try hiding the remaining unwanted old detail. Using large areas of black shading over the old wings would not have made the piece look any less like a coverup- on the contrary, it would look even more like one.
In the meantime, though, you can learn all kinds of great stuff from the items in our existing catalog, including detailed techniques on all styles of tattooing.
The book itself is 8x12", hardback, and features a painting by Shawn Barber on the front cover. There are multi-media pieces by Simon Hayag, Dan Hazelton, and Cam De Leon that introduce us to the potentials of a new age, while keeping the traditional subject matter as something we can recognize. This video comes free as part of your Reinventing subscription, or can be purchased separately as a DVD for non-subscribers. It's also a small enough needle group to rough in bold lines while being wide enough and spread enough to permit some basic rough shading and color gradients.

After that, I had to move pretty quickly with the color, since the client was in pain and needed me to finish as quickly as I could. I then made a thorough second pass with a 13 mag through all the color, then resaturated it in key places with a 7 mag.
Remember that many of the items in our catalog are only shipped to professional tattoo studios- you don't want to be the tattooist doing the work that we have to cover up! From mosaic-covered skulls by Stan Young and Crystal Thomas, to hand-built machines by Aaron Cain, these three- dimensional pieces demand attention and emotion from the viewer.
It includes chapters on several different types of coverup projects from small, single-pass pieces to large, epic transformations, and everything in between.
The coverup chapters are just one of the many things that we've added this year to this expanding, high-power educational package. Since I knew we'd have another chance at a later date to really saturate the color, I focused on the coverup areas and laid down as much color as possible in that short time using a 13 magnum. There is outstanding photography by Jean Baptiste Carhaix, Russell Haig and Julius Motal, presenting the skull in its raw form; as well a portion of the photography section that features shots by Mike DeVries, as he captured skulls from his own collection, providing the reader with inspiration and reference from all angles. It also goes into detail about the laser, showing several sample projects and discussing in detail the realities of the laser, including a lengthy FAQ that you can share with your clients when talking about the possibility of laser treatments. All of the pigment particles from both tattoos, old and new, will ultimately reside in the same layers of skin, once the healing and settling have taken place. There is also a chapter on scar coverups, with examples of surgical scars, burn scars, electrical burns and other types of scarring, with strategies for effectively tattooing over even the trickiest skin.
Fortunately, my client's request was for a totem pole made of birds, meaning that I could hide the feathery pattern of the old tattoo in the feathery details in the new piece. With the right amount of detail, the new tattoo should be able to capitalize on what's already there.

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