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Women with active lifestyles who want to save time and the inconvenience of applying make-up daily. Unlike a tattoo, the coloured pigment used is meant to gradually fade over a period of two to five years. Treatments can last 5 years and mean you will look immaculate 24*7 with special discounts for multiple areas or group bookings e.g. Semi-permanent make-up or Micropimentation treatments are attractive to any women who is looking for greater definition in their eyebrows, eyes or lips. Using precise techniques, Michelle can create or improve the shape and balance of your eyebrows, enhance the shape and definition of your eyes or improve the colour and contour of your lips.
A full consultation will be provided before the treatment when Michelle will help and assist you in choosing the shape, colour and style that you require and only once your happy will the treatment commence.
The treatments are safe and reasonably comfortable, taking approximately one hour to complete.

Michelle will normally see you 2-3 times with a minimum of 4 weeks break in-between each appointment to complete the full treatment course. Specialised techniques can be used to implant colour to camouflage or minimise scarring, examples include addition of colour to recreate an areola post breastA reconstruction or addition of colour to the scalp, face or body where colour is missing or to remove a tattoo. An initial consultation is essential with Michelle to ensure Medical Tattooing can provide the desired improvement.A Fantastic results and realistic visual improvements can be achieved through multiple sessions and it can take up-to 6 - 18 months to reach a satisfactory result.
What is Semi-Permanent Make up?It is a process where advanced pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin, which (after their second visit), should last for several years.
It is a revolutionary method of skillfully depositing colour pigment into the dermal layer of skin to simulate natural looking or well defined make-up. The length of time varies from person to person due to several factors such as the colour used, sun exposure and your bodies natural metabolism.
Clients are patch tested prior to the first procedure to see if they my have any allergic reaction to the pigment or anaesthetic.

Clients say that having a procedure is similar to having their eyebrows plucked or their legs waxed. Once the procedure is complete there is no discomfort whatsoever.Will I Be Able to Go Out Without Everyone Noticing?After a procedure the area treated will be darker, more intense. If you intend to have a "full face" (3 procedures together) then you should allow 3 hours in total.How Long Does it Last?Semi-Permanent Make-up should last for several years. If anaesthetic is used you may swell slightly - this will go down usually by the end of the day.

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