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Edinburgh Castle is the number one visitor attraction in Scotland with over one million visitors every year.
A photographic collection of Edinburgh would not be representative without including shots of the Castle.
Great events also make for great photos which is why you cannot go wrong with photographs of Edinburgh Castle taken during the Fireworks Concert, the New Year Fireworks or the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.
Picture of Edinburgh Castle, Old Town buildings and Princes Street Gardens taken from the Scott Monument. View along Princes Street and Princes Street Gardens from the Scott Monument with St Mary's Cathedral and the Caledonian Hotel at the end of Princes Street. Picture of the Ross Fountain in west Princes Street Gardens with Edinburgh Castle rising behind it. Picture of Princes Street Gardens taken from the Scott Monument with Edinburgh Castle and the National Gallery of Scotland in the far center. Classic Edinburgh Castle view taken from west Princes Street Gardens with the Ross Fountain in the foreground. Picture of Edinburgh Castle, the Festival Hub and the University dome from Salisbury Crags one early august morning.
Photograph of Edinburgh Castle's south face with the Union flag at half-mast taken from the Grassmarket. Photograph of the castle, the Tolbooth, the University dome and the spires of St Mary's Cathedral from Edinburgh's Salisbury Crags at dusk.
An unusual picture of Edinburgh Castle taken from Blackford Hill, near the Royal Observatory. Edinburgh panorama from Salisbury Crags with the Castle and the Festival Hub in the center. Photo of Edinburgh Castle and the tower of the Balmoral Hotel at dusk, taken from Calton Hill.
Image of the fortress on Castle Rock seen from Edinburgh's Grassmarket area in the Old Town. View of Edinburgh Castle and many Old Town landmarks (Tolbooth, Camera Obscura, Ramsay Gardens, etc) with the distinctive Calton Hill cannon in the foreground.

Photograph of the Fireworks Waterfall, part of the Fireworks Concert marking the end of the Edinburgh Festival.
Photo of the fireworks waterfall from Edinburgh Castle, part of the spectacular Fireworks Concert. Photo of Edinburgh Castle seen from Johnston Terrace with the Union flag at half-mast and the Tattoo stands partially erected on the Esplanade. Photograph of the Castle and the statue of Allan Ramsay just outside West Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh, with the Floral Clock in the foreground. Edinburgh Castle and the tower of the Balmoral Hotel at the end of Princes Street from Calton Hill after a stunning sunset.
View of the Castle and the Balmoral Hotel from Edinburgh's best vantage point, Calton Hill. Photograph of Edinburgh Castle and the Balmoral from Calton Hill, the city's best vantage point. The pixel size of the original images is up to 3456 x 2304 (resolution is up to 8 megapixels). The photos are ideal for use in a tour website and for other commercial uses (such as conference booklets and posters) as well as for private use as large and extra large framed Scottish prints for decorating office spaces or homes, for example. Keywords: Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, Old Town, Princes Street Gardens, Scott Monument, St Mary's Cathedral, Caledonian Hotel, Ross Fountain, Blackford Hill, National Gallery of Scotland, Festival Hub, Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh Military Tattoo, Grassmarket, Calton Hill, Fireworks Concert, Johnston Terrace, Scotland Capital, panorama, cityscape. Copyright © 2002-2010 Flavour of ScotlandTravel information guide and pictures of Scotland scenery. The very best exercise programmes focusing on toning, sculpting, muscle definition and body shaping! A complete body-sculpting workout designed to give your body a lean dancers look without being a dancer!
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It's located at the heart of Scotland's Capital and the views of the City from its battlements are amazing.
The best views of it are from Calton Hill, the Scott Monument and Salisbury Crags down in Holyrood Park. Views of the fortress up on Castle Rock from unusual places can create a fresh perspective. Include the reference numbers of the images you're interested in, the intended use and whether you require a high resolution file. These classic views are certainly ideal for posters, brochures and guidebooks bit they can get a bit old since they are overdone and overused. Such unique spots are Blackford Hill, the Dean Gallery of Modern Art, Greyfriars Kirkyard, The Meadows and the Grassmarket.

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