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Categories: Hawaiian Tattoos | Author: admin 17.04.2016

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shows off her brand new hummingbird wrist tattoo as she heads out on Thursday (February 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif.
I began doing tattoos professionally in September of 2002, although my love for tattoos goes back to before I can really remember.
So if you have an idea and you like my approach, give me the privelege of doing your next tattoo. SharePicture Ontario had the privilege of attending a very special event at Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company Niagara. Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company,  and their tattoo artists,  generously donated their time, space and opened up their hearts to the Canadian National Autism Foundation.

I am also pleased to announce,  in honour of  World Autism Awareness Day, they are planning another event April 2, 2012. I found with this  event, everyone had their own reasons, or personal stories as to why they wanted a tattoo.  It was a statement, a pledge, or to honour someone close to them. One story, written by the twin sister of a young man diagnosed with Autism, that touched me the most. Speaking of generosity, Hart and Huntington Tattoo Company Niagara just doesn’t know when to stop. For the purposes of our blog, they have generously donated a T-shirt and a hat as a giveaway.

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I will keep you posted with details as they become available.  One thing for sure, the date has been secured. When you have certain beliefs they never change, and when you get a tattoo they are permanent.

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