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Angel wing tattoos have always been a subject of much fascination and admiration among ardent lovers of the tattoo art.
The diverse styles of angel wing tattoos shown in this site offer you ample ways to create that divine feeling that you have always wanted.
One of those cool eye tattoo designs that are believed to be able to ward off evil spirits is the eye of Horus tattoo design.
Regardless of the purpose or type of tattoos used today, they are without a doubt, one of the most creative ways to adorn and beautify yourself.
Before getting a tattoo, people go through a lot of design references for what they want tattooed. Although tattoos may be more popular in some cultures than in others, they are a popular art form that has survived through many years.
This blog is dedicated to sharing creative and inspirational resources for Graphics, Web Design, Inspiration, Photography, Video Production, Tutorials and WordPress. Many people who have a strong faith in angelic beings dream of having angel’s wings as it makes them feel loved and special. The human body becomes a canvas for tattoos, big or small, permanent or temporary and in all the colours and hues of the rainbow.

Sometimes, people may want to get a tattoo of a person, object, or symbol that is dear to them.
Our tattoo designs below will inspire you and will provide a glimpse of what this art form is all about.
You just have to pick the best that would fit in to your personality so that you can be able to enjoy more. Although the Bible do not speak of angels having wings, artists and painters have since the earliest times depicted them as winged beings who bore important news from God. But one thing we might not know that certain eye symbol could also function as protection that will help us warding off evil spirits people believe could harm us and cause unpleasant things to happen to us.
And we all know that ancient culture of Egypt was mystic because at that time people there still had deities. There are many kinds of tattoo designs; permanent tattoos, semi permanent tattoos, and temporary tattoos.
Such customized tattooing may also need a reference of some kind that is taken to the tattoo maker, who may ink it in later. Maybe this is also the reason why so many people are interested in getting this kind of eye tattoo designs.

The design of the eye of Horus itself is surprisingly very attractive especially if you are bold with color choices. At present, angel wing tattoos are a much popular form of body art due to their divine quality.
Or they may be used in tribes by tribal people, like they have been for thousands of years.
There are many forms of angel wings tattoos; these may include the traditional feathered wings, tribal angel wing tattoos and angel wings with other symbols like heart signs or stars.
Realism designs are very popular nowadays because admittedly, humans’ eyes are actually really beautiful. These tattoos can be sported in the traditional black ink as well as in other colors as well.

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