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I saw a design on a motherhood blog (don't ask) of an adult hand with a baby's hand on top (palm to palm.) It had the obligatory name and date surrounding the design. Have you thought of having a heart with your wife's name, with a heart with the baby's name superimposed on it, not centered, but to one side or the other to allow other additions? Nofear, as weird as this may sound, are you sold on having one small tattoo for this event? I didn't apply for a breeding permit, and I'm sure Comrade Brown and Herr Dullard will want me executed for daring to bring another CO2-emitting person into this world. I have to concur, there's only two female names any man should ever consider - Mom and or the name of a duaghter. Edit: I could NEVER okay, suggest or condone someone getting their wife's name tattoo'd on any part of their body.

A certain retired MSG I know has his ex-wife's name in a heart on his arm with a giant "VOID" stamp over top of it. Well, after spending 3 weeks with my utterly gorgeous daughter, I have to say that after spending half my marriage overseas, this departure has been the hardest of them all. I'll be using this deployment to spend some time designing the tattoo and will get it done next trip home. I got my daughter's in Japanese (thank you SOCNET'ers for helping me get the REAL thing and not Kung Pao Chicken), in a samurai sword tsuba over my heart, then a water dragon all around it and down my arm. What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. The fairy represents her, the snow drop flower is for our youngest sons birth month, the poppy is for our oldest sons birth month, and the rose in her hair is for my birth month.

Daughter's palm print, taken at 4 weeks old, with name above and DOB underneath, in a circular pattern, Tribal "font", to match my other tattoos. I was going to get each of my boys' first names with the year of their birth in roman numerals beside each.

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