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A remembrance tattoo can be a great way to honor and keep a loved one who has passed away in your thoughts. Tattoos do not have to be colorful and full of imagery; sometimes they can be as simple as a set of dates.
Like hearts, stars can be a popular way to remember someone without added words or imagery.
A birthstone tattoo follows the same idea of the zodiac tattoo; get a tattoo done in the color of your loved one's birthstone.
Getting a tattoo in memory of someone is a very personal decision, and so is the placement of it. Unless you want to discuss the tattoo's meaning, place it on an area that is hidden in most situations. If you want to be able to see the tattoo yourself, confine it to the front of your body or one of your limbs.
Upper arm: Upper arm tattoos are popular because of the symbolism of carrying someone on your sleeve.
Chest: The chest over the heart is one of the most personal locations on the body and is often used for tattoos of this nature.
Wrist: For simpler patterns such as just getting someone's name, the inner wrist is a popular location.
Upper back: The upper back has some of the largest, flattest real estate for tattoos, making it the ideal location for detailed, intricate or large designs.
Whether you choose to get a classic memorial tattoo, or a more abstract design, this type of tattoo can be the ultimate memorial.
This design typically includes a heart or a rose with the name of the recipient's mother, or simply the word "mom" or "mother".
A guardian angel given a loved one's face can be a wonderful way of expressing the feeling that the person you have lost is still watching over you.

This may mean getting a tattoo of a musical instrument of your loved one was a musician or getting a tattoo of a dog if your loved one was an animal lover.
Getting a tattoo featuring your loved one's birth and death dates can be a meaningful way to show your love and memory for someone. Instead of getting inked with the person's birth and death dates, consider getting a tattoo with the zodiac symbol for the month your loved one was born. If you have lost multiple people in your life, you may wish to cluster some stars together, one for each loved one. You can get the letters tattooed on their own, with your loved one's name or within any other designs that you choose. The idea is slightly different than a standard portrait tattoo, because instead of a close-up of your loved one's face, it shows the person in a real life setting, capturing your loved one in daily life.
While some people choose to hide their grief, others want the world to be able to see this tribute. The symbolism behind the idea suggests that the person you are honoring will always have your heart with them.
The symbolism behind the tattoo is to show that, whatever you do, your lost loved one will always have a hand in it. The design you choose should reflect your feelings about the person you are remembering or highlight the individual's unique characteristics in some way.
If choose this option, consider adding other flowers to create a full flower bouquet for your mother's memory.
If this idea piques your interest, consider a traditional cross or opt for a design that is more iconic and ornate to personalize the look. Personal imagery can be as abstract or as realistic as you desire it to be; just make sure it reflects the person you are honoring with it.
Keep in mind, though, that people who see the tat may assume the symbol to be your own astrological sign.

The tattoo can be an image of the stone itself, or you can use the color on the design of your choice. Portraits are the most difficult form of memorial tattooing and cannot be done by just any artist. For example, if your loved one was a teacher, a photograph tattoo might show him or her seated at a desk with books and papers.
From the design to placement, make sure you go over every detail with your artist before you begin. For example, the heart can be in the center of a tree as a metaphor to say that the person who has been lost is still growing with you. If you have decided you want a portrait of your lost loved one, choose a tattoo artist who specializes in portraiture art. If the idea appeals to you, consider taking a photograph of the person you would like to remember to a skilled tattoo artist. While no one likes to think of tattoos going badly, this is one case where problems with the imagery may be more painful than the tattoo process itself. Possibly Getting A Background Print To It As Well Or More Grey Wash For The Realistic Feel.Possibly Have The Needle Point In A Specific Place Instead Of Just Plain Old North. If possible, try to get an artist who came referred to you through a friend or family member, and ask to see a portrait portfolio first.
Verify experience and credentials in the same way you would when selecting someone to create a portrait tat.
What If At The End Of The Needle Was A Heart And It Pointed Towards An Important Symbol?This Is Cute.

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