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Today we have selected live examples of coolest memorial tattoos that do contain all those qualities I just mentioned. These are 5o of the best memorial tattoos, but you might also like to view our collection of tattoo quotes that contain inspirational quotes designed as tattoos. Life is not forever love is, a very lovely memorial type tattoo for showing love to your mother. After the sudden passing off one of my closest friends over the weekend, i am looking to get a tattoo in his honour, but I can't seem to find a quote I like. RealityBites wrote on Tue, 03 December 2013 20:08How about an infinity symbol with his initials in it? A proper memorial tattoo takes years to plan and design, and $300+ to bring to fruition, certainly not a hasty deal. I got one not long after losing my childhood ponies, had started to plan it, then my daughter lost her arab and we wanted to include her, so came up with something a bit different. Just want to add some colour to it now, it was done 4 years ago, and honestly, I was soo numb and upset, I barely felt it. Sorry for the loss of your friend, but think carefully if you really want it or just following your friends.
I've planned my next tattoo around the memory of my best friend who passed away around the middle of last year.

I think waiting has done me good as it's something that's stuck, it's subtle and only those who knew her well would look at it and understand. Steff_Stormy wrote on Tue, 03 December 2013 20:43Definitely don't just get it done because others are. I did the same thing when I lost Pepper - 18 months on I realise that (anthropromorphised) Pepper himself wouldn't even approve a tatt, let alone one in his honour. Combat wrote on Wed, 04 December 2013 10:03I am not just getting it because everyone else is. In saying that, one of my mates from school lost his brother in a car accident a few years ago, and has a gorgeous tattoo on his wrist for him. I like the jewellery idea too, there is a lovely infinity necklace on sale from Thomas Jewellers in their latest catalogue that i've been looking at. This can be a person, whom we loved, we shared important times of our lives… or this can be time of the life.
These tattoos need to be designed with care and they need to be full of impact, full of care. No suggestions, but give yourself time, just because others are doing tatts doesn't mean you have to straight away too. I wanted something then and there for her but I thought about it for a while and got something completely different to what I had planned in my head.

I looked into designs,fonts and basically had it set and all I had to do was book a flight to Tasmania to have it done. For instance, the time when you fought a war, the time when you coped with a battle within, or just childhood. I will probably feel the need to get a tattoo for everyone who passes after that; because nobody I love is less important than pop, and 3. I moved away from the idea of getting a tattoo and instead started donating blood - something more productive and beneficial that grandad would have been proud of. I don't think getting something permanently written on my body will make any difference; it won't bring him back, it won't mean I miss him any more than someone who doesn't have a tattoo for him, and I don't need it to remind me of him every day because I already think of him daily in one way or another. I have also made all family members aware of my wishes to have my organs donated - skin and eyes included.

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