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My current tattoos are not ONLY travel related, but I have to admit… most of them are. This is a post of not only my own travel related tattoos, but a number of images, from other people, that I really like. Sometimes I regret getting it so small, because I would love to have a larger version somewhere else on my body.
To make it more personal, I localized the coordinates as the house that I grew up in, and the first place that I ever traveled overseas (Italy).
Originally, I was trying to decide between an airplane and a feather, with the same meaning behind them, and representation of my favourite quote. There are also some other meanings for me, behind this one, but I’m not giving away all of my secrets. Not sure if you saw the post but Kirsten Alana and Dalene and Pete from Hecktic Travels just got new ones together in NYC. One of my dreams is to cover the oldest tattoo I have on my back with nature and travel motives, maps or that kind of stuff.
I am private tour guide around the Balkans, so if you want to see and feel the real spirit of this part of the world - visit this page. So here are a few travel tattoo ideas to keep in mind if the urge does take you to get a tattoo.

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I had always wanted the word tattooed on myself, somewhere, but it took me awhile to decide where. I wouldn’t necessarily get all of these done myself, they are just pieces that I find interesting.
Unfortunately, I still didn’t meet person to cover it and to help me with some good travel tattoo idea. One day I promise to put here my own travel tattoo project :) Do you have some kind of travel tattoo like this or you think that is stupid to draw maps on your skin? I believe in the spontaneous decisions, the waves, the smiles, and the magic power of nature.
If you tend have a bit of an impulsive streak, save some ideas on your phone if you have to, just don’t end up with this!
The swallow is especially popular as they travel great distances but will always return home. While on the road Megsy loves to indulge in the local foods, wine and craft beer of the destinations she visits, with her main focus being on Food Fun & Adventure. Instead of buying a couple of magnets or taking dozens of photos to share on Facebook, people get a travel themed pattern on the most visible part of their body.

I think if I ever did decide to splurge on a tattoo it would probably be for something travel or writing related. Please, if you know somebody who can help me with his imagination just drop me a massage in Facebook or Twitter.
Tats are hugely popular these days but sadly we have all seen some of the horrendous tats that have come back from Bali and the like after a drunken bender!
It is the best way to remember all those unforgetable moments and show others that you are always ready to hit the road.
Wanderlust and adventure are the most popular one word travel tattoos and maybe the most prefered ones.
Compass, camera, map and suitcase are some of the travel objects to ink, along with the most related designs plane, sailboat and balloon.

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