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None can be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from TattooNOW and the tattoo artist. If you go by the meaning, there could be a lot of reasons why water tattoo designs were conceived and a lot as to what they represent. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Extreme Tattoos, Horrible Tattoos, Tattooed Girls and Polynesian Tattoos.
The bright lips and the impeccably beauty of this lady fits in perfectly with her richly natural water tattoo making her look like a mermaid. The amazing thing about water life is that the diversity is virtually infinite, and for tattoos that are big in content, the back is the perfect spot. The beauty of nature is portrayed here as colorful waves and lightning converge to make life more beautiful.
Rich natural beauty is on display here as vivid components from multiple scenic contexts converge to carve out a truly nice pattern. Dragons are seldom portrayed with water, maybe because they are believed to eject fire, something that is never in good terms with water.
The perfect boundaries of the star structure contrast nicely with the blurring effect of the water. The great number of small patterns work together beautifully to present a special place to this tattoo.
Fish could represent beauty, or ocean life, or even evil powers that remain submerged unless provoked. The beauty of waves and their indomitable spirit are the characteristics that inspire humans to cherish them so much. Sea creatures constitute a subject of deep interest and awe among the common people, mostly because of their inaccessibility.
Water represents a cooling and soothing effect, the opposite of fire which mostly stands for danger and anger.
Shades represent the beauty of waves magnificently here, rolling over and kissing each other, separating from and converging with each other.
Colors know no boundaries here as the tattooist has maintained the variation nicely to bring out an aesthetic appeal.
The gray designs spread all over the biceps and the tinge of colors in small patterns makes this tattoo look very nice.

Sea creatures have their own rules and arrangements, things that have evolved greatly with time.
Magnificent and affluently creative, the tattoo design engulfs and accentuates the appeal of the beautifully toned biceps, resembling power at its extreme.
Shelly Tattoo at the back of the lady is looking very beautiful and its a cute water tattoo with very fine detailing on it.
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When it comes to life, humans do realize that no life form is possible without this magic fluid. Sharks are one of the most powerful fish varieties in the sea, and the aggression of these highly efficient predators makes them perfect for a powerful water tattoo. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Keeping this in mind, is it no wonder that water is considered one of the most significant tattoo design elements that individuals incorporate into any theme. The variety of tattoos that are available in the market is increasing every day, with new creations based on dynamic themes and designs being created. In regard to Japanese tattoo designs, you will very commonly see various water elements present that can change the entire presentation and in turn, the meaning of the completed design.When a person opts for Japanese water tattoos, it mostly means that it holds a lot of symbolic meaning to them individually.
Water tattoos present an excellent choice for those who want to flaunt trendiness with a subtle tattoo. Water based patterns can represent the love of nature or the consciousness that without water, there’s nothing. While the meaning to each person would of course vary depending on their lives and their set of beliefs, water is one of the four elements that make up life on our planet. Also, they could symbolize the beauty and vividness of the rich variety of life that water systems support. As such, water designs bear additional meaning and significance as a whole as well.The presence of water elements in a tattoo design can bear both a positive and negative force. A water tattoo generally contains deep-sea creature designs, as these beautiful powerful creatures are exotic and inspire awe. One of the things that is believed in spiritually about water is also its ability to clean and purify.

This tough and soothing nature of water presents a beautiful contrast, and thus a water tattoo also represents a docile character that could demonstrate the power when pushed to the brink.
The Celts deeply and passionately believed in the power of both positive and negative that water can wield.
Even in Christianity water is an important part of baptism where it is sprinkled on the newborn. Water also forms a part of many rituals and ceremonies.Japanese water tattoos used a central theme could acknowledge the importance of water as one of the vital elements or could be homage to the fact that it is the centre of all life and creation. By virtue of its cleansing properties, water can also represent absolute purity and innocence.
Since water and its movements in water bodies is affected by the moon and lunar cycles, often water will be depicted with the moon. Since water has the innate capacity to take on the shape of the vessel or container it is poured into, water is also associated with flexibility. Due to the graceful and fascinating movements that water has it is also considered feminine. The power of water when it comes to destruction is also another thing that most people seek when they look for symbolic value in their water based tattoo designs.Water based tattoo designs can show waves, droplets, ripples and whole host of other things. Apart from the life giving properties of water, water is also the living place of many beautiful, fascinating and mysterious creatures.
The next best thing you can do apart from actually looking at these creatures is get them in the form of a tattoo design. There is so much that water can mean including creativity, purity, cleanliness, peace, serenity, power, beauty, reincarnation and your inner self among other things.What is more the design possibilities with water design tattoos are endless and really beautiful to look at. ReplyLeave a Reply Cancel replyComment Follow Us Tattoo Easily Copyright © 2016.

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