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Tattoos have enjoyed a boom in popularity in the past couple of decades as the art of the tattoo artist has undergone a significant rehabilitation of its image.
The main difference between different brands of tattoo ink is the materials used to make them.
Both Intenze and Kuro Sumi tattoo inks use a water soluble glycerin base that is suitable for sensitive skin. The company consulted with top tattoo artists around the world to create the huge range of colors it offers. Intenze inks are water-based, but they do use some potentially toxic materials to create pigments.
Intenze offers a variety of different color sets assembled by some of the world's top tattoo artists.
Although the color range from Kuro Sumi is smaller than many of the major ink brands, the complete palette of colors is wide enough to create very colorful and vibrant designs. Like Intenze inks, Kuro Sumi uses water soluble glycerin as the base that holds the pigment.
Numerous television programs and celebrities have spurred this popularity growth with their use of ink as fashion statements.
Generally, tattoo inks are either alcohol-based or water-based, and the pigments contain a diverse range of materials, including heavy metals, vegetable dyes, and carbon.

Intenze uses heavy metals and oxides to create pigments, while the Kuro Sumi inks use traditional, natural dyes. Intenze creates its inks in a registered and licensed cosmetics manufacturing facility to ensure they are safe to use and comply with the highest quality standards possible. Intenze produces inks that have good permeability in a huge range of vibrant and durable colors. The use of natural pigments and the lack of any animal products in the inks make this brand also suitable for vegans. Kuro Sumi inks are popular for their outlining and shading qualities and the vibrancy of their hues.
The colors come from traditional Japanese recipes that employ many unique materials for pigments.
The tradition of tattooing in America has evolved over the years, and the Intenze range of colors is suitable for blocks of bright colors and deep black outlines. Refine the search by adding a brand name such as Intenze or Kuro Sumi to the parameters to display a list of products by those specific manufacturers. To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories.
To achieve the most durable and vibrantly colored results, it is important to choose inks made to the highest quality standards from the best materials available.

Despite the potential toxicity of these metals in uncontrolled environments, Intenze safely uses them in miniscule amounts to create unique colors like silver. The inks are available in 1-ounce, 2-ounce, and 4-ounce sizes with black ink available in an economical 12-ounce bottle.
The inks derive from natural ingredients, and that makes them less likely to react with sensitive skin. Although the variety of colors is modest, the durability and vibrancy more than compensates for the lack of some of the brighter modern colors available from some American manufacturers. The subtle colors of the Kuro Sumi inks make them a suitable choice for the delicate shading and blending that is a hallmark of the Japanese style of tattoo art. Sets with various inks as well as tattoo kits produced by Intenze and Kuro Sumi are also readily available.
Intenze and Kuro Sumi are two of the most popular brands of tattoo ink, and both provide excellent results, although they are very different products.

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