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Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos.
I am willing to travel in order to complete one and will be very grateful for an opportunity. There are people who put so much effort in their own look, but they just don’t succeed. Most of them probably just don’t care, while some other should probably change something in their make-up techniques.
Here is my owl necklace and my twitter button You can see that I have yet to purge my desk of my fifty plus papers left over from studying for finals. Well, I still haven't heard the whole story from my grandma (only secondhand info from my mom), but apparently Tricia was behind the deleting and poor Luke is so desperate to get back in the good grace of his family that he reluctantly went along with it.
You know your life is boring when you stare at this screen most days and can't think of anything interesting to say, so you just close out of it. I have to be up in a mere seven hours, and of course I'm wide awake and heavily caffeinated. Here's a picture I snapped today in the pool bathroom, it shows the placement a lot better. On the bright side, my period came early which means I'll get on Accutane earlier than expected.
I have been tattooing for a year now, and am keen to learn as much as possible about all aspects of the tattoo trade.
I was at the mall, and stopped into Hot Topic to see if they had an owl necklace I'd spotted online (I'm hopelessly addicted to collecting owl trinkets) for only $14. I've lost a few pounds due to my terrible medicine that makes it nearly impossible to eat without my stomach freaking out. I'm sad for her, that she has to leave her Spanish boyfriend behind, but happy she's back stateside. I found one of my favorite part-time jobs at a dance store pretty randomly, and it was a good year I spent working there.
He's produced by Butch Walker, who some of you stalkers might recognize as Emily(Pinupgirl)'s favorite musician.
I've been wanting to get a new tattoo for ages and I have some inspirational quotes that I want to use but I've been really unsure about where to put it. Still haven't heard back on that second job, but their sign is still up so they're still taking applications.
She didn't give me the right information, so now I have to wait until August to start my Accutane. I'm resting by laying in bed and reading, and I'm about to find a documentary to watch on Netflix. It's normal nasty, but it's been so long since my last black tattoo that I'm a little freaked out.
I have to go get bloodwork done later this week, then at my next period, then I get to start! I always bemoan, "I wish I was brave enough to dye my hair all sorts of cool colors." Time to stop wishing and just do it!

I don't feel like typing out the whole back story, so I'll just assume you all know my brother drama. SIL and bro proceeded to tell my parents all about my "extreme beliefs" and then went on and on to my mom about their own beliefs (no gay friends, no non-white friends, no non-southern, no non-christians will be allowed in the lives of my nieces, because you "stick to your own kind"), all that jazz. It's been less than a week since I turned in my application though, and as of Saturday their "now hiring" sign was still in the window. He's really cute and catchy, and has a song called "Love is our weapon." I'd really like to switch it to "Love is my weapon" and get it all pretty and scripty in the underboob area.
Luke got his girlfriend pregnant (she's due in August) and initially, I was one of the few people who was supportive of them. I still have to hear the whole story from my grandma, but I hope he grows some balls and contacts me because I miss him. I've been getting like 5 hours of sleep a night, AND working, AND going to school, AND spending every spare second with my friends. I remember looking at my foot one and being convinced that it was going to have random un-inked spots because of how it looked while healing.
If you don't, I have a 29 year old brother and SIL who are the polar opposite of me and it has caused a lot of strife.
The boy I nanny for likes to go swimming every day, and with all the medication I'm on I'll have to be constantly doused in sunscreen, so no makeup.
The body segment is a skull and crossbones cameo, I love it Anyhow, they had it and I stuck around for awhile because this girl about my age was loudly telling a guy her babydaddy drama, and it was extremely entertaining. Plus, I had to get a pregnancy test (negative) and get prescribed birth control in order to go on Accutane.
Factor in my insane workload with school (two new sections of math every day), I am dying here! The nurse in the room was like seven months pregnant and asked me if I was okay, and I said "yes, I was just busy deciding that I'm never having children." I was pretty crampy for the rest of the day, and a little crampy the next few days. Well, last night Jenna says she is backing out because she's scared and her mom disapproves. The biggest issue was that I'd naturally have things on my profile that reflected my beliefs, and they did the same on their own pages.
So, I look at the wall of t-shirts, and I'm bummed to see that they don't have Say Anything shirts. He's a great kid, but mopey six year olds are no fun, and with the terrible weather we've been having, I am moping right along with him. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my doctor was willing to give me the copper IUD, which means no more hormones for me, ever! I'll be the first to admit that since being deleted by my Catholic cousins, I have changed my religious beliefs on FB and post statuses more freely. It's definitely worth it though, I'm totally set for the next ten years, and it didn't cost me a penny. The next day, she's coming to class with me and then we're heading to Lawrence for the day. Thankfully, we quelled her fears and she decided that since she's 21, she can be a big girl and make her own choices. My sis and I take after our dad and have hair that's naturally a little darker, but she likes us to keep it light like her.

I'm religious about sunscreen and hiding in the shade as much as possible, but I do love the sunshine Anyhow, since I'll only be wearing makeup a few times a week, I can definitely get some higher-quality stuff. I missed their last two concerts (due to being deathly sick), and I'd have picked up a t-shirt if they'd had them. If I got this job, I have that I'm available from 3-close on Mondays and Wednesdays and both days of the weekend. Their puppy is doing slightly better, except she refused to go to the bathroom tonight because of the weather. I'm 99.4% protected for up to ten years, which is the same level of effectiveness as getting a tubal.
However, it just blows my mind that she thinks that a Christian posting bible verses all day long is fine, but I should be ashamed to even list my religious views? I had a Philosophy class, an Anthropology class and an English class this past semester so I spent my entire life reading. Have I mentioned that my quasi-socialist liberal tall-blonde man loving self is moving to Sweden after graduation? It has to do with the fact that your skin is regenerating quickly and brings up the junk to the surface. In fact, Luke and I had been having a conversation about how great his new job was, and the next day he'd deleted and blocked me. After school got out, I was so sick of reading that anything more than a few chapters a day was too much. I just am glad I don't start school until late August, that will give me over three weeks on Accutane before going back.
I've been dying my hair for like 8 years, so I don't know what it'd look like if I just stopped dying it for good! The guy who rang me up asked me if I found everything ok, and I told him that they needed to get some SA shirts.
I hear it's unpleasant, but it's definitely less painful than the alternative of having a baby. My brother continues to post stupid crap on my wall all the time, but up until now I've just deleted it.
It just shocked me; I could see Tricia deleting me, since I rarely talked to her and wasn't "helping her spiritually" or whatever, but it really hurt that Luke and GF deleted me since I had a good relationship with them.
My acne isn't cystic (thank GOD), which makes me hope that I'll respond well since it's not as bad as the typical Accutane patient. I should be able to save quite a bit, and if I get a part-time job, that increases my savings even more.
Even funnier, I was buying a Phineaus and Ferb button for the boy I nanny when I went the next day to hand in the application, and the same guy was there. He was wearing a t-shirt, and he had a tattoo with lyrics to another of my favorite songs, that I had actually set as my Facebook status about 12 hours earlier.

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