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Creative red flag tattoo inked on back with a skull face and lettering conveying pride and joy. Small rebel flag tattoo painted on side of the arm has the lettering southern justice written on a ribbon. The flying rebel flag with tattered edges framed by knotted border signifies the chains of slavery. Roses and heart carved on lower back with rebel flag inside it convey the love for southern states. The southern flag engulfed in flames and perched over a dangerous looking skull carved on arm. Ripples of the flying rebel flag denote the emotions swirling inside the wearer’s heart.
Rags of the worn out rebel flag surround the main body conveying the emotional connect of people to their history.
Tattoo painted on chest has the rebel flag tatters coming out with sprouts signifying the budding love in the hearts of wearers.

The black and white rebel flag of Alabama carved on chest worn along with a chain having an A-shaped pendant. Adorable tattoo with a red rose and leaves acting as pole and a rebel lettering inked at the base. Large rebel flag in flying motion with bright shades of blue and red engraved on shoulder back.
Eagle image inked in red with the flag design created inside its body makes for an imaginary, inspirational design.
Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
Cher Lloyd got this crying eye tattoo on her left arm to represent all of the sadness and struggles that she has faced in her life.
Cher Lloyd got the question mark tattoo on her wrist in January 2011 and the peace sign shortly after in March 2011. You are viewing the amazing and beautiful tattoo on the topic: Henna Sugar Skull n Koi Fish Tattoo On Back.

People express love, pride, longing and many other emotions by getting tattoos carved on their body parts. People, mostly, wear them on parts that are visible but there are also a few who want to keep their love and pride secret and therefore, get them inked on parts that are not exposed.
Part of American history, it is mostly worn by those who take pride in the Southern culture and love to flaunt it. The tattoo design consists of a blue cross with white outlines and 13 white stars in it, representing the 13 confederate states.
The flags are worn in different fashions with lettering and other symbols embossed around them. They are considered to be racist by some people but the negative buzz has died down to a large extent and now people barely take offense.

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