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If you have made your mind to get yourself inked down there, but confused what design to go in, this guide will definitely be of your use. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Only God Can Judge Me Tattoo Designs, Dragonfly Tattoo Designs, Bird Tattoos, and Super Sexy Tattoos. Tattoo on the hip, I wonder how many people have them, some great designs showcased on this post too. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Choosing Japanese tattoos can be difficult thanks to the many beautiful, colorful and rich in meaning imagery the culture provides. The historical trace of the Japanese dragons stretches back to as early as 680 CE and 720 CE when they were adopted in the Japanese folk language.
Historians contend that the dragon, as understood within the Asian culture, represents a unifying totem that connects with morals and ethics that extol bravery and conquest. Since the adoption of the dragon within the Japanese cultural universe, generations of artists and impressionists have attempted to represent the mythical creature in multiple but related dimensions and features. As the image of the dragon continued to gain significance in the shared consciousness of the Japanese, myths emerged alleging the descent of Japanese rulers from a tribe of dragons.
Hip tattoos are not visible and you can try any design of your choice, be it a skull or your lovers initials or some other stereotype design. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Between koi fish, the Hanya mask, Japanese warriors and of course Japanese dragons you maybe a little overwhelmed. From that period up to the modern age, the dragon was largely embraced within the Japanese mythical lore and exalted to legendary dimensions because of the attributes of fierceness, invincibility, valor, stealth, and other attributes that were associated with the creature. Among the pantheon of gods within the Japanese spiritual world, the dragon represented various gods some of which included Watatsumi, Mizuchi, and Yamata.

In all these, the most distinguishable aspects of the dragon is the tongue that spits, which the popular Japanese imagination ties to the dragon’s famed capacity to vanquish its foes by spitting flames of fierce fire. This line of thinking mirrored the Chinese mythology, which also held that some of the most famous Chinese rulers belonged to the lineage of dragons.
Popular among women, hip tattoo makes them get attention when they want to flaunt in bikinis or they want to impress their special someone. The Japanese dragon tattoos are popular, if you land on this as your design make sure you read about the history and significance first. In alternative interpretations, the dragon was also associated with a host of Japanese deities particularly those associated with water.
These gods were imagined differently but all had nearly the same kind of features that are conventionally or culturally associated with the dragons. The other features commonly captured by the artists are the serpentine body and the vicious claws that add to the indomitable image of the animal.
With the passage of time, the imagination and representation of the dragon stretched beyond folklore to the realm of individual traits when people in various stations and occupations of life associated any form of heroic exploits to the mental influence of the dragon. In the course of time, the conceptualization of the Japanese Dragon picked up certain cultural meanings from the Chinese and Indian culture.
These multiple representations are evident in the diverse creative efforts that have been rendered in the form of the dragon tattoo, dragon tattoo design, and other creative images that have been associated with the legendary creature.
Variations in the dimensions and orientation of these features have only expressed the Japanese desire to magnify the fierceness of the creature.
It was at this point that the Japanese artists started applying their skills to the creation of some the remarkable dragon tattoos.
Back in early 2012, we noticed that RiRi was sporting a previously unknown tattoo on her hip, thanks to a couple of shots taken of the singer in a teeny fringe bikini while she was vacationing in Hawaii, and again during a risque photo shoot for Esquire magazine. Individual creativity has allowed for the gradual modification of the Japanese dragon’s image.

The clear shift in the historical meaning of power meant that the dragon could no longer be idolized by men alone but also by women. The cultural conceptualizations of the dragon have changed as the Japanese come into contact with alternative interpretations and meanings. However, the overarching meaning rotates around power, conquest, invincibility, and similar associations. The other reason is because, like many of the pop star’s other tattoos, the butt tat is inked in a foreign language.
To date, RiRi has a tattoo inked in each of the following languages: French, Sanskrit, Arabic, Tibetan and English. She also has a tattoo on her shoulder inked in Roman numerals, a Maori-inspired tribal tattoo that symbolizes “love” and “strength,” and a personal mantra inked backwards on her chest, which makes it just as difficult to interpret as her foreign language tattoos. Why do you think RiRi likes to get tattoos inked on her body in other languages; so the general public can’t decipher them as easily?
More importantly, why do you think Rihanna has kept her hip tattoo under wraps all these months? The tibeatan language is a sacred Bhuddist language, and it is very ignonorant saying this tatto have anything to do with pure love, heart to heart.I get very angry when I see this article as many people may read this and do the same in the belief that this tatto have anything to do with pure love. Its an honor that such a leading singer has chosen the Tibetan language to tattoo on her body. I am also a Tibetan and I am not a fan of the singer but I am much acknowledged by her decision to choose the Tibetan language. Dikyi la,its ok as she didnt write mantras on her she had just written lover in tibetan.

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