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With the NYC Tattoo Convention starting Friday 13, we rounded up the best places to get inked. Three Kings TattooWilliamsburg and Greenpoint have become hotbeds of high-end tattoo studios, and chief among them is this three-year-old shop, owned by artists Matty No Times, Alex McWatt and Myles Karr (the three kings of its name).
So, if youa€™re one of the many thinking about inking, our best advice is to always remember: TATTOOS ARE PERMANENT (laser removal is expensive and isna€™t always effective).
He admitted it wasn't an ideal location, but it was the only vacant space available under a tough city ordinance that placed several restrictions on tattoo parlors. Try Time Out World for great nights out and all that’s going on near you – wherever you are in the world. In the past 12 years, the art form has made a strong return to the area and has continued to grow in popularity nationwide. One way to cut down on the possibility of regret is to find yourself a talented tattoo artist. Surveillance video from his store shows two people snatching up a boxer puppy named Emma last Thursday outside of his shop.

And of the estimated 45 million Americans (based on Pew and Harris research polls), about 7 million people end up regretting it. Daily noon--8pm.Whatever TattooLike the name implies, anything goes at this joint on the St. Those looking for a deal will find superior quality compared with other pick-a-design-off-the-wall parlors. As it's a street shop, walk-ins are the norm, and the staff of five artists means you won't have to wait long. While the $60 minimum might not make Whatever the cheapest parlor on the block, it's a steal compared with other high-end joints in the city. Plus, the 2am closing time on the weekend means your late-night whims can be easily realized—for better or worse. Between them and the handful of artists in residence, customers can choose from Japanese style (O'Donnell), new Americana (Seth Wood), tribal-inspired ink (Thomas Hooper) and more, with pieces starting at $100. While the price tag might be hefty, the spalike environment (exposed wood beams, Japanese screens) will make the cost a distant memory once the needle starts buzzing.

Beaver TattooOnce you find out that this Queens shop is an all-girl tattoo parlor, the name should click. The six women artists excel at black-and-gray realism and quirky tats, including a rendition of the Brooklyn Bridge and kitschy designs like a cassette tape and a dress form. Of course, gentlemen are also welcome—the skill of the work will convince any antiquated nonbelievers that ladies can work a needle. The eight artists present a smorgasbord of styles, including black-and-gray, portraits, Americana and traditional Japanese tebori (a hand-poked method), the latter courtesy of resident artist Shinji Horizakura (all pieces start at $100).

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