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Typically, a tattoo will hurt less on the a€?meatiera€? parts of the body, and worse near bones, joints and major tendons. I had a chance to talk to Miya Bailey at the Tattoos For a Cure Convention in Los Angeles back in April. So what I did, like anybody from the hood, I started to do it the home way, but I knew I couldn't get past hood money doing it that way.
Tuki and I learned tattoo from bikers, old school bikers, so we had to learn the traditional way and learn the aspect of old school biker culture. The owner of the shop was female property of the Outcasts Biker club; therefore, everyone in the club was our boss, her husband was our boss also. I didn't have much experience tattooing white skin until I started to develop my own style in the early 90s. This was the era of Paul Booth, and anything that Paul Booth was doing at the time, everyone followed. The tattoo shops really don't collab because of the business aspects to it, but the artists know each other.
We open up to anybody; we're the only art gallery in Atlanta that doesn't ask for a percentage of the sales. Personally, I think it's totally opposite than tattooing white skin -- it's a completely opposite thing. If you're a tattoo artist and you master black skin, you can easily move over to white skin. Tuki is a fashion icon in Atlanta, and he started a whole culture of how people dress in Atlanta. With us its not just an [art] apprenticeship about tattoos, we teach all aspects of business. The number one thing is that you tattoo because you love it, but you still have to make money. We are learning as we go; we haven't mastered everything yet, but we haven't reached a million dollars yet either.
I'm feeling the pressure of the recession, so to combat it, I'm immersing myself in art shows where my money troubs are pushed aside and I can dive into wild worlds of vastly different imaginations. In further proof that racist tattoos are an inevitably bad choice, Sean 'Crazy Cracker' Roberts has been apprehended after a home invasion.
Gallery, among many others.Indeed, it's her fine art that has garnered her the most press and accolades in her native Australia and abroad, despite the hype around her tattoos possibly hanging in a museum next to her watercolors. Photo of Andy Lin by Sean ToussaintAt last Friday's party, a lot, and I mean A LOT, of women (and a couple of guys) came up to me to say they loved our new "Objectified Tattooed Men" series where we, yeah, objectify tattooed men.
Say what you will about New York, but one thing's for sure: this city is like a magnet for great artists. We sat down over pancakes and talked about tattoos, Native Americans, and his (enigmatic?) personality. I'll go through phases where I'll be obsessed with Native American stuff and I'll paint like twenty native American things and then I'll be like, 'Ugh, I don't want anything to do with it.' It kinda goes in cycles. I definitely try to be diligent about it, with the colors I choose, the line weights and stuff. Remember that the process feels just like it sounds: that a needle is hitting your skins hundreds (or thousands) of times, jamming ink under the surface. That collection moved from Chuck's original Tattoo Archive home in San Francisco to where it is now in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Miya, with Tuki Carter, have built Atlanta's City of Ink Tattoo into a household name in the city, and garnered a well deserved rep beyond. I knew I was a businessman by nature so I decided to follow the right path and get an apprenticeship, which was hard in the early '90's -- it was '93 so trying to find an apprenticeship took a long time. From Julia [Alponsio, formerly of West End], I learned the aspects of sterilization, professional tattooing and also the business aspect. A lot of people don't know this but I was into the Gothic style, you know, zombies and dark imagery. In tattooing, I'm thinking about mass appeal -- how other tattooists are going to react to the tattoo.

Our goal is to really start a movement where the artists can make money and stop undercutting other artists. A lot of times, when an artist is not worried about paying that phone bill, that power bill, you can create what's real and what's raw.
It's like going to any beauty salon: a white woman would get a perm one way, a black woman will get a perm a different way.
But just because you're good on white skin, doesn't mean you can do just anything on black skin.
You know how they say black skin is limited in colors, but no, it's all about how you slow down -- and who's training you. When me and Tuki were putting City of Ink together, my mind state was Barry Gordy, you know how Barry Gordy put Motown together.
So I thought that would be a good way to market our artists, with a little of Tuki's fashion sense to give an image to the shop. I didn't want to make it so commercialized that other tattoo artists got mad at me but I wanted to do it before another shop did. We want to inspire other people in other cities that you can be an artist and not be a "starving artist." We want to destroy that whole image of the starving artist. In this video interview, which I highly recommend, she talks about her work, including a series where she studied moths and other insects to inform her paintings.
As the last three men featured are "taken,"  a request for an unattached hottie was made.
That means, at any given shop, you'll find talented tattooists from just about anywhere you could land a dart on a map. I first met Bailey back when he was working with Chops at the now-defunct Hold Fast studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I was always in the hardcore scene and around a bunch a kids who were heavily tattooed, they were all older than me, they were all tattooed. And then I decided I was gonna go to college to be a printmaker (because I'd never tattooed at that point).
But maybe 'cause I'm not as outgoing as other people, I don't smile while I'm being mean or something it just comes out wrong. That said, you should choose something that is meaningful to you or has certain significance.
This type of art is usually looked upon negatively, because of the impersonal nature of the drawings. An artist will be able to tell you if your design will coincide with the location youa€™ve chosen, and can help draw a design that will flow with your natural curves.
Your bodya€™s natural pain killers will kick in after a few minutes, but until then you will feel the pain.
I believe that you can be a talented artist, but if you have no business sense, you're not really going to make it.
The earliest drawing I have is from '79 -- it's recognizable, you can tell what it was even though I was young. A lot of people think you have to drill it in, but if you soften up a little bit, you might have a better result. He groomed his artists, he showed them how to market, he showed them how to dress, he showed them everything.
It's a whole culture, it's a lifestyle, it's music, it's fashion, it's art, it's business -- it's all these aspects of being free, and freedom is our number one message.
Bailey headed down south a few months ago but has recently returned and now tattoos out of Saved.
I had an apprenticeship at this shop called Hula Moon in Pensacola, FL, which turned out to really just be me working for a year. So I went to college for a little while, quit that and then I started tattooing when I was twenty-one. It's not a trade where you can say, 'I work with my hands.' I think someone that digs ditches, or someone that farms or rides tractors, literally works with their hands. When I was younger it was like, 'Tattooing is my life!' and I was so consumed with it and I was so into it.

Every single tattoo would be that, not necessarily because I wanted to, it just kind of evolved into this phase and then it just stopped and as soon as it started it was done. I feel like I'm kind of a take-it-or-leave-it kind of a person and I was raised by a take-it-or-leave-it kind of person and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I met Amanda at our launch party Friday and she told me about an abstract tattoo project she's working on -- also mentioned on DevilCity Press -- where 8-10 people will be chosen to get a large tattoo, free.
I wasn't able to do anything, I couldn't touch their machines, I had to break everything down, I made needles for all seven guys, took care of all seven of their stations. I was living in Tallahassee, living in this dirty old punk house and just being scummy and gross and was like 'Ah, I gotta get my shit together,' you know.
Sometimes I want it to look really old and gnarly, like it coulda been done on the Bowery and sometimes I want it to look really fine and crisp like an old cigar box label or bicycle ad from the turn of the century or something. I was actually thinking of maybe doing it at the other Saved location in the city, just get a different crowd in there.How is that place? It's underneath a cafe with a little store that sells 'items.' They sell things like old filament lights, all kinds of stuff.
If you don't like it, you don't have to fucking get it, but don't expect me to bend over backwards. It can be right for some people, but it is probably best to get a personal design made for you.
The same way you apply yellow, you wouldn't apply purple; the way you apply greens, you won't apply reds. You know all tattooers are the same, you get fat and slouchy (laughs), it can't be that strenuous, you know? And I'd go get tattooed by this guy, by that guy, and then the older I got I realized it doesn't fucking matter. Anytime someone comes up with a new idea, it's probably a bad idea (laughs).Are there subjects you always want to tattoo?
We created our own lane, so everybody gotta have to respect that, unless you're just a real hater. She says it's "more naughty than art," explaining that the process of tattooing, the pain, blood, time constraints, etc. And then that was done and now it's just, unfortunately like nothing (laughs), a big portfolio of nothing. But as far as what I'd describe it as, I'd just say Americana. What do you think makes a 'good' tattoo?
He kinda showed me the basics: sharp end goes in to the skin, this is what a power supply looks like, have at it! He says: "I met her in '96 when my old friend Megan was apprenticing with her and was struck by her deep intelligence, quirkiness, her love of tattooing bikers and her ability to discuss anything with anyone.
I did my first tattoos there, I did like three or four and then moved back to Pensacola and got a job at the worst shop in the city.
If people think I have a really bad look on my face or whatever, hey, I'm just ugly (laughs). Because that was the suggestion pretty much, you know, 'Get a job at the worst shop!' So I tattooed for about six weeks. I used to be really wrapped up in the 'This guy is a really cool tattooer, and that guy is good, and I wanna be big like that guy' and maybe it's just part of getting older.
I took a bunch of pictures of these terrible tattoos I'd done and sent 'em to this guy in Tallahassee. I like painting a lot of really Dutch-style art, that's another thing I'm really into, kinda Shaker-style stuff.

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