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If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Free Tattoo Pictures, Awesome Tattoos, Beautiful Tattoos and Cool Tattoos Pictures. The twin mythical creatures entwined into each other look splendid and will look fine on any body part.
The flying eagle with its wide-spread, large wings is about to pounce and tear into the flesh of its prey. The angel wings are used in many tattoo designs as they look beautiful and mysterious with a spiritual aura. The majestic sea creature makes for a formidable tattoo design that arouses awe in the eyes of onlookers. This expansive tattoo pattern having a floral design resembling a concentric circle looks ornamental. The galloping horse looks quite amazing and would serve as a fantastic design especially for men. Earth, fire, water and wind depicted in this colorful tattoo design has a deep spiritual meaning.
Light blue design with fish, lotus, diamonds and thumbs up images complementing the scroll with a love lettering.
The amusing line in a band worn around the wrist holding a rose with an eye in its center looks catchy. Musical notes wafting around the mike create a wonderful design for music lovers who would like to have a tattoo.
The symbol of eternal life and various other meanings is a good option for those who want to have a meaningful tattoo.
Large angel wings and roses together create a skull face that is innovative as well as scary. The formidable beast in the black and white pattern looks even more frightening and charming. The paisley is an intricate and artistic design which looks very beautiful as tattoo piece. A fine and meaningful design that stands for the importance of contrary forces are responsible for maintaining the balance on earth. This is a lovely design which also looks artistic due to the curvy and pointed claws spread around. The wide open mouth of the snake with a blue eye is suggestive of attack and aggressiveness. This naive and innocent giraffe with closed eye presents a cute picture and would serve as a lovely design. The viking with his horns crown and long beard sports a purposeful look and has a striking look. The religious and powerful holy cross with floral and star pattern surrounding it looks very magnetic. Wear this vines design with flowers if you would love to have an elegant and soothing tattoo on your body. Another tattoo design with twin images woven into one and it would look best as a man’s arm tattoo. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
I like the take on the burning heart designs that use a tribal element around the outside of the heart rather then the traditional flame. My next favorite is the skull tattoo pattern that is located near the bottom of the picture.
Free Black Tattoo Patterns Vector for you to download and use in web design or graphic design, created by sccnn.

About TitanUIOne of the best places to download Free Vectors, Free Icons, Free PSDs, Free web & Mobile UI Kits, Free Textures, Free Fonts,and other free stuffs for web & graphic designers everyday. DISCLAIMER: All of the design resources are gathered by users and public sources on the internet. For tattoo aficionados, mehndi art or henna tattoos will probably never take the place of actual tattooing.
Mehndi was more like cosmetics – a way of decorating the body for special occasions such as weddings.
Some artists use stencils, but others are able to draw these intricate patterns and apply henna tattoos by hand. Nowadays, with the renewed popularity of tattoos in general, henna tattooing has found another application.
While some people (regardless of background) opt for the traditional mehndi art, there are many other choices available. Black henna is the name given to a toxic dye that is added to henna in order to make it black. Even if this tribal style of tattoo patterns is not the style you like you still might find something on here that grabs you or at least helps to point you in the right direction. Tattoos have behind them the most unusual inspirations, and for people who seek dramatic self-expression, the world of textiles offers many ideas.
The lacey patterns that you find in old-fashioned crochet can be inked beautifully in Lace Tattoos. Thick outlines show off the finer detailing within the bow knot of this stunning lace tattoo. Traditional motifs with plenty of curves is the high point of this sensuous floral theme tattoo.
The perforations on the skin give a highly realistic look to this small heart shaped lace tattoo. This symmetrical tattoo with ornate motifs expresses the feel of traditional lace patterns.
Faces of close ones and the dog are inked in realistic shades in this lacey collar bone tattoo. Perforated Pleasures is such a cool and stunning tattoo design i am looking first time a tattoo design like this it’s awesome.
Sometimes its nice to have just the name tattooed on, other times nice to go with a pattern with the name. Even if you single out the design and pattern section, you will find a world of text and information on the subject. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
This collection urges the users to express himself and offers quite a selection of different styles and motifs. The .EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) extension is for the illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, etc. If our design resources have violated your copyright, please through Feedback to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you! But if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, or if you’re underage, or if you want to see how a tattoo will look in a certain location, henna tattoos are fun, inexpensive and virtually risk-free! Anyone who has seen a traditional mehndi design can attest to the fact that the patterns are intricate and stunning. You can select a tattoo design that is much like a real tattoo, the only limitation being that it has to be brown.
Rather than the traditional mehndi feet or hands, henna tattoos are found in a number of places on the body, much like real tattoos – the arm, shoulder or ankle are all common choices.

Though it looks as though all of these are influenced by the tribal tattoo styles, they are still all very different in nature. The designs and images are worn for aesthetic and meaning purpose or simply for style or to express a particular attitude. Apart from this, the designs revolve around flowers, animals, geometric figures and other tribal art work.
I’m going to talk about a few that I especially like, though your opinion and mine may differ slightly. My final favorite of this tattoo pattern grouping is the dagger with a rose entwined around it’s blade. This gradually fades over a period of days or weeks, depending on the specific henna tattoo product that is used – some seem to be substantially stronger than others.
That having been said, the problem with many henna tattoos is that they end up being rather faint in color, have undefined edges, and fade quickly.
The pattern is painted on by the tattoo artist, and then the paste is left to dry until it falls off naturally, revealing the tattoo design underneath. We have everything here from a turtle to a moon, from a seahorse to a teddy bear and just about everything else in between and around the edges too.
This classy woven thread work form that typifies genteel society, is found in many tattoo designs. With a graceful lacey design within the petals, this tattoo can become your ode to the classy era of high tea and ultra feminine gowned women. Still, people look for beauty and art in them and go for as much artistry as possible which is not a bad thing at all.
My favorite tattoo pattern has to be the Grim reaper that is centered in the middle of this grouping. If you mention it somewhere else, please always link to this page instead of download link.
Almost anything you could like in a tattoo just might be on this sheet so take a good look at before moving on to whatever you might look at next. The first one that caught my attention was the heart shaped one in the center of the picture. And that can only mean a virtual endlessness of tattoo patterns out there to choose from for anyone who wants to look. The delicate beauty of lace looks beautiful when inked in a tattoo on a woman’s skin. Combine the black patterns with realistic roses shaded in red, and you get an awesome tattoo for the collar bones. Coming to the tattoo patterns, these designs are different from images and pictures in that they have a tribal touch and at times also look abstract. I think that it’s a great idea to take a wreath made out of daisies and turn it into a heart design.
As for the rest of the tattoo patterns, well, to be honest with you I could take them or leave them. If you want to show off your inner sexy diva, try playing with the theme of unlacing in the tattoo. If you are looking for erotic inspiration, a great upper back tattoo idea can be a design showing lace strings crossed and meeting in a bow.

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