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And finally, perhaps the sexiest kind of tattoo sleeve is when it’s on the people you least expected.
Whether you’re a tough guy, a bad boy, an artist or the rebel in the next cubicle, tattoo sleeves are a sure way to express yourself and get noticed. In the past year alone, the Biebs has inked an obscure tattoo of a Native American chief on his back, an owl on his arm, praying hands on the back of his leg, and a straight-up Jesus on the front of his leg. A large piece of body art is a big commitment, and it requires a willingness to withstand a fair amount of pain, which explains body art’s enduring appeal with men in the military. The police officer with his uniform sleeves rolled up to reveal extensive tattoo work will always be on the receiving end of stares from appreciative women.

Tattoos have become very popular and it’s nice to see other people that have the same interest.
These qualities are also hallmarks of professional athletes, and it’s no coincidence that many athletes have a lot of ink. Tattoo sleeves might scare your grandmother, but many people will find it incredibly sexy, which might explain how television personality Jesse James managed to steal Sandra Bullock’s heart!
A buttoned-up man with a secret holds a timeless allure, and there is nothing sexier than the businessman in shirtsleeves revealing his ink. These are, in order of appearance, the numbers 1, 9, 7, and 5, which we surmise is him spelling the year 1975.

Countless fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship are heavily tattooed, but Chris Leben takes the cake with his colorful sleeve depicting a phoenix. Any Belieber knows that 1975 is, in fact, the birth year of Bieber’s (hot) mom Pattie Mallette!

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