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It is impossible to tattoo a cat unless the cat is hairless (or shaved) and the Sphynx is one such cat. Sphynx in Egypt, the presumed inspiration for the tattooPhoto by S BakerIt shows a lack of empathy for the cat. The greater problem is when an entire culture throughout a country allows the mistreatment of cats.
You are a completely evil piece of shit for putting this animal through that pain just to show off your shitty tattoo skills captain DOUCHE BAG!!!!! And yet we think we can take over the world, which means we can control animals and do what ever we like to them? I think it is a symptom of a wider problem, our disregard and disrespect for nature generally.
This came round in an email from a friend a few days ago, I thought it was the most disgusting thing I’d ever seen. In my opinion the cat looks terrible with that horrible thing, and the Sphynx is a very beautiful breed, why wreck it by putting a picture on it’s chest?! This entry was posted in Cat Breeds, Sphynx Cat and tagged Cat News, human to cat relationship, tattooing cats by Michael Broad.
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Tattoos that are misspelled look awful and even if the design or font is catchy it fails to cut ice. If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Neck Tattoos, Diamond Tattoos, Demon Tattoos and Cupcake Tattoos. Well, it should have been believing instead of believe but the girl can get a comma inserted and then the tattoo would make complete grammatical sense.
If the very first word is misspelled then no matter how beautiful the tattoo, it becomes unpleasant. These beautiful lines would have looked flawless if the word sunshine did not contain the dot.

This tattoo is a classic example of how missing a single letter can make your beautiful tattoo look awful. Bowl spelled as Bowel has created a hilarious tattoo piece and we are sure the wearer would have been ridiculed for getting it. Chronicles has been misspelled in this lettering tattoo and sadly there is no scope for improvement. Take a look at this phrase tattoo marred by the ignorance of the tattoo artist and negligence of the wearer.
The girl perhaps doesn’t know that she wears a misspelled tattoo on her lower back in bold black letters. The girl wears a misspelled Oregon state motto on her foot that looks good but not perfect. Both the lines have a common error and that too at the starting point which is quite annoying. This apostrophe error is pretty common and looks like the tattoo artists do not understand it makes the whole tattoo look awful and meaningless. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics. Getting arrested is a serious business, but not everyone reacts to their legal predicament the same way - as this compilation of quirky and utterly ridiculous mugshots would attest.Even in booking photos, some people cannot help but let their personality shine through, whether it be in a particularly wild hairstyle, a priceless facial expression, or an incongruous grin from ear to ear. For those who had never run afoul of the law before, getting handcuffed and hauled off to jail can be a startling experience. Every good mugshot album features at least a few bold hairstyle choices and unusual body art, or both, like the portrait of a troublemaker sporting an out-of-control Afro, as well as an elaborate neck tattoo. Rabble-rousers who are no strangers to the back of a police cruiser or a jail cell appear comfortable and even relaxed in front of a camera, like the woman who had half of her hair colored white, or the attractive detainee in a flirty tank-top smirking in her snapshot. And then there is Victor Espinoza, the 55-year-old, 425-pound gang member who was too obese to carry out his prison break plot because he was unable to scale a fence.A¬†Espinoza's unforgettable mugshot shows off the California lawbreaker's immense double chin resting neatly on his clavicle like a fleshy water balloon.
Actually, it is not completely hairless, there is a fine down hair covering the skin, which feels like a warm and muscular peach!

I don’t think the cat felt any pain as it was anesthetized through out the tattooing. They have their own cat association(s) and their own naturally occuring cat breeds such as the Siberian, Don Sphynx, Russian Blue and Kurilian Bobtail so I am not sure that this is due to a country wide attitude problem towards cats. That is likely why one hilarious image shows a man in his golden years with his eyes bulging in an expression of utter shock and his mouth agape - the very embodiment of surprise. This, for me is what is fundamentally wrong about ornamental cat tattooing, which hopefully is extremely rare.
This must mean being fully anesthetized to ensure that the cat was stationary throughout, which carries a risk in itself particularly as it took three hours. Not only this, people also do a lot of research regarding the designs and ideas that they want to grace their body parts which is really very touching.
In such cases either the wearer has to live with the mistake or get it removed which can be a pretty painful exercise.
It is also fruitful as a good research leads to a fabulous outcome and the result is something that one can be really proud of. And that attitude cannot be the correct one in our relationship with all other animals including our cat companions. However, at times, not all people are lucky and observant enough which results in disasters such as misspelled tattoos.
This, in turn, is the result of negligence or ignorance on their part or the part of the artist or both. Well, if you want to have a look at these erroneous tattoos then check out the post we have displayed below.

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