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Bangalore: Deepika Padukone, one of the preetiest girls of tinsel town, followed the footsteps of Saif Ali Khan (her “Love Aajkal” co-star) and got a tattoo done on her nape on her ex-boy friend’s name. Even after breaking up with Ranbir Kapoor, Dippy once said that she would never erase the tattoo of RK from her nape.
But now Dippy has finally decided to remove the RK tattoo from her body, due to media’s criticism.
But when Deepika was asked why did she decide to remove the tattoo, she said, she is not at all bothered about what people and media say. 2015 Collecton ,Crown Tattoo sticker ,100pcs=1 lot for free mix , Wholesale and Free Shipping . The girls of Little Mix are great role models for young girls (Little Mixers); they often talk about body image and loving who you are.
Perrie has had a plethora of colorful hairstyles including bleach blonde hair, blonde and red ombre, purple, and faded lavender.
Little Mix is currently huge in the UK but I think that it is just a matter of time before these sweet girls become a household name worldwide.
Perrie Style: My hair is dyed blonde with pink on the tips and my friend Nico sports lavender locks. Now as you know, Dippy previously dated Junior RK, that is Ranbir Kapoor, before falling in love with Siddharth Mallya. Also her beau, Sid Mallaya did not seem to have any problems with the RK tattoo on Dippy’s body.
But Deepika’s friend has commented that, Deepika is never ashamed of anything she has done or she does.

She feels uncomfortable to see the tattoo after waking up and before going to bed, so has decided to remove it. Especially Jesy Nelson, who has been criticized for her curvaceous body, speaks out against cyber bullying. Perrie is dating the sexy Zayn Malik from One Directon , who himself has stretched lobes and tattoos. As cute as they are hip, the girls of Little Mix are a great spearhead for acceptance of all bodies and body modification in pop culture. Although she does not have her belly button pierced (yet) I think it would look fabulous on her, and if anyone should have facial piercings in this group I can see her with them.
She often wears baggy pants and tight crop tops that expose her beautifully pierced belly button.
For her wardrobe acid wash denim jumpers or overalls, bright sun dresses, leather and lace, pastels, super hero-esque costumes, studded everything,  rosary jewelry, graphic t-shirts, fringe, babydoll collars, brimmed hats, and sunglasses. Some people are touting them as the next Spice Girls, and those are literally some big shoes to fill. The fact that anyone would say anything about this girl’s body is beyond me because she is beautiful.
Perrie recently made big news on Twitter and Tumblr with her brand new nape and nostril piercing. It’s wonderful to see a real girl like Jesy standing up and saying it is not ok to judge others based on their physical attributes or their size.
Think skulls with flowers or bows, matte black with lavender or pink accents, and don’t forget the spikes.

Since the UK seems to find out about good things before we do, I recommend checking them out. She rocks a basic surgical steel ball captive ring in her tragus, a basic silver surface bar in her nape piercing, and a simple diamond solitaire nose ring.
Light colored skinny jeans with a cut-off graphic midriff baring t-shit, her signature big hair bows, simple gold hoop earrings, crop tops with suspenders and short shorts, and for shoes creepers and Chuck Taylors.
For accessories she is often seen with a big gold chain, gold hoop earrings, and a splash of red lipstick.
I think she would look absolutely amazing with a Monroe piercing; I wonder if she would ever consider it?
Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Perrie Edwards make up this fresh new pop band, which is energetic and fantastic. Her look consists of simple double gem belly rings, large cocktail rings, drop chain earrings with spikes, combat boots, black or dark clothing, curve hugging dresses and shorts, the occasional bikini, chains, leather, and fun graphic t-shirts and leggings. She has appropriately quoted the line “Too fly to care” on a custom crop t-shirt, which suits the personality of not only Jade, but the entire group. Jesy’s body jewelry style is elegant and blingy, something that will really catch the sun on the beach. Jade’s jewelry style is fun and flirty, anything with bows or graphics such as cherries or wings.

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