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With the right tattoo design, it will allow you to express your creativity, mark an occasion, and provide others with a unique insight into your life. Once you’ve chosen the tattoo design, ask someone with artistic talent to sketch your tattoo idea, and explore different options by varying colors and sizes before committing. Start by drawing a simple single line that starts off straight, but then makes a lightning bolt pattern. Starting on the other side, begin with drawing out, then coloring in the first part of the tribal pattern. For the last step, draw another tip that will extend the size of the second point from the top. Here you have the finished product of an easy to draw tribal pattern that is both fun to create, and even better to place on your skin. I know I have a bunch of different heart tutorials, but I have been in the mood to draw hearts for a while so I went ahead and sort of went crazy.
Next, sketch in the ribbon that wraps around the heart shape and when you get that done add detailing to the center of the ribbon to add texture. For this step all you have to do is draw the rest of the heart shape, then draw in the petals that stream down the center of the heart. Let's start off by making a round shape for the center of the heart which will also be the guide to create your rose.
Starting from the center of the shape, you will begin drawing the bud that is still not open. You will sketch out the rest of the rose petals like so, and when you do this make sure that the bottom of the bloom is rounded just a bit. Now all you have to do is something pretty simple, draw the entire stem to form the shape of a heart like so. Start with making a circle for the head, and then add the guidelines for the skulls face like so. Next, you will begin sketching out the actual shape of the skulls head including the front of the mouth, and the cheek bones too.
Now you can sketch out the bottom jaw, draw in the individual teeth like you see here, and then draw out the holes for the nose, and eyes.

Now that the skull is all done, the last thing you need to do is draw out the tribal design pattern you see here, and then color the patterns in solid black, or another dark color of choice.
There is plenty of points and straight edges as part of the design which means it's going to be ultra cool. Slop around to the right, then come down using a slightly curved angle as you make the point of the tribal design with a small hook at the tip like you see here. The reason why you have to draw a fat looking heart is because the rose petals will be plentiful.
One ribbon end at the bottom right or left to the heart, and one ribbon end to the top middle of the heart.
Once the leaves are drawn in, you will need to add detailing to the centers of each leaf, then start the drawing process for the stem. The best way to do this is to start with the outside lining, then follow up with drawing the inside as you use the first line as your shaping guide. When you begin sketching out each leaf, make sure that you do it in a way to have some of them curling out from the stem.
First off, I know how much almost everyone here loves skulls, so what I did was do a rough sketch of a simple skull head and instead of leaving it all white, I thought an all-black colored skull would be much better, and more defined.
Or maybe you’d just like your tattoo design to mirror an image or symbol that is meaningful to you. The crossover pattern that used for the top portion of the tribal art is one of my favorite aspects of the design.
As you can see the tattoo art you see here is in the form of two roses in the shape of a heart.
Now you can color it in, or take the finished drawing to your tattooist for your next inking session. Secondly, the other thing I know people like is tribal designs, so all I did was incorporate tribal art along with the skull and then I colored those designs in black as well. I left the line art white because I wanted you guys to see what it would look like not colored in.
I left the coloring black with a gray colored background but you can choose your own color pallet if you want.

There is also a nice soft looking ribbon that wraps around the heart roses just in case some of you would like to write an inscription on the front.
The vine like stem that is forms the shape of the heart signifies how love can grow like a vine and only stop when it's cut off; just like how an individual gets cut off by their lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, etc. When you are finished, sketch in the last of the detailing, then begin erasing your mistakes as well as guidelines. I can't wait for you guys to try out this tutorial on drawing tribal, I think you will like how simple I made it. I don't want you guys to get discouraged by this lesson because it's not as hard as it looks to replicate. Out of all the heart designs that I have drawn thus far, this is probably one of my favorites. When you are done with the drawing once you have followed all the steps, you can tweak the skull to your liking if you want. I love the colors, the way there is blood dripping from the red petals, and how the stem and or vine is created. No matter what you choose to do, drawing easy skulls is something that I really enjoyed doing. There is a variety of ways you can draw a skull, and if you look in the skulls section under the ‘Pop Culture’ category, you will see exactly what I mean. Now that both of them are incorporated together, you can have the best of both worlds because now all you need is one tattoo that signifies both love, and passion.
Well I guess that’s it for now, I may be back later with some other cool stuff but if I’m not, meet me back here again tomorrow with more drawing fun.

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