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TweetLike any other placement of a tattoo, the wrist tattoo has had different meanings throughout the years.
A variety of stars in different sizes and colors going across both the wrist are very cheerful in design. A black keyhole tattoo with some red lines to look as though it is coming through the skin. Two beautiful butterflies fluttering up the arm from the wrist with a small amount of color to add some playfulness.
Cute red computer speak wrist tattoos with the less then symbol and the 3 to make a heart on the wrist. On the left, a red star with a hibiscus flower inside and on the right a star with leopard print inside it. The wrist is the perfect part for every type of tattoos: scripts, names, quotes, tribal, ornaments, Celtic bands, symbols.
For women, wrist tattoos are like jewelry, can make them looking even more feminine, adding charm and style. Not only has Victoria Beckham pledged her heart to her husband, but she has devoted her wrists to him as well!
Although Victoria was reportedly furious when David Beckham got his cherub arm tattoo in 2008 (probably because he already had over a dozen tats at that point), Victoria Beckham seems to have no problem going “tat for tat” with her husband under certain circumstances. On her right wrist, Victoria Beckham has a Roman numeral tattoo that reads “VIII-V-MMVI,” or May 8, 2006.
Victoria Beckham has a tattoo on her left wrist of husband David Beckham’s initials, “DB,” inked in an elegant scrolling script. To celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary with soccer star David Beckham, Victoria Beckham got another Hebrew tattoo, this time inked on her left wrist, right below her tattoo of David’s initials. Underneath her Roman numeral tattoo Victoria Beckham has a Latin phrase inked on her wrist that reads “De Integro,” which the former Spice Girl unveiled during the launch of her new denim line in Boston in 2008. If you are wondering which part of the body to have tattoos, then having it on the wrist is probably a great choice. Depending on your taste and preference, you can go for daring and sexy images or name of your special someone, or a delicate geometrical design, or even a small sketch of your face on the wrist.

Most have a small word of encouragement on them while others are just a small symbol that has a purpose. Its very pretty, not difficult to cover if you need, easy to heal and you can look at it all the time! Victoria Beckham has several wrist tattoos, many of which commemorate her love for her husband, David Beckham, or special milestones in their marriage.
In fact, several of Victoria Beckhams wrist tattoos match tattoos that David Beckham also has inked on his body, some of which are in the exact same place. Victoria Beckham’s wrist tattoo with Roman numerals represents the date Victoria and David renewed their wedding vows, and matches the Roman numeral tat David also has inked on his right wrist. Victoria Beckham certainly isn’t the only female celebrity to get tattooed, but she does seem to get tattoos that match her “posh” persona – classy and feminine – without seeming the least bit trashy. Victoria Beckhams wrist tattoo translates to “Together, forever, eternally,” which seems like a nice tribute to ten years of marriage.
Victoria Beckham’s wrist tattoo translates to “again from the start,” and is believed to mark her fresh start with her husband and family in the United States. You can also consider having an ornamental pattern tattoo design, one that is best suited for women. David and Victoria renewed their wedding vows in a secret ceremony in front of only a few friends and family at Buckingham Palace in 2006, and Victoria apparently had no idea it was planned until the day of. Even though Victoria Beckham’s wrist tattoos are very visible to the public, the fact that each one is a tribute to her loving husband kinda makes that okay, right? The infamous British super-couple celebrated their 10th anniversary on July 4 in the Maldives, and Victoria Beckham chose her guest appearance on American Idol in August 2009 to show off her wrist tattoo, which is apparently inspired by David Beckham’s ties to Judaism.
In recent years, the wrist tattoo has become popular with many different people, reminding them to stay strong during difficulties.
Regardless of how big or small, getting a wrist tattoo should be something that the wearer has no problem showing off. If Victoria Beckham tries to keep up with her husband’s tattoo addiction, we may see many more Victoria Beckham tattoos in the not-too-distant future! The vow renewal was a very toned-down ceremony compared to the couple’s wedding, which involved an Irish castle and individual thrones for the couple to sit on.

Even though Victoria is reportedly not too happy about all of his tattoos, David Beckham also got a tattoo in honor of the couple’s 10th wedding anniversary. Although wrist has only limited spot to ink a body art, still any type of pattern can be placed on it. A wrist tattoo should be significant to the wearer no matter what reason he or she chooses.
Could Victoria Beckham be working up to a new wrist tattoo to celebrate the birth of the baby girl she’s always wanted?
Victoria Beckhams wrist tattoo was inked in 2006, and it seems like other celebrities liked the look enough that they decided to follow suit. David Beckhams tattoo however, came in the form of ten roses inked around his left arm, near his elbow. If you are a type of a person who is furtive, then inking a tattoo on the inner part of the wrist is a good way to keep it less evident to the crowd. Two years later, Rihanna got a similar Roman numeral tattoo inked on her shoulder as a tribute to best friend, Melissa Forde. Victoria Beckhams wrist tattoo seems like a positive outlook on the big move, and came shortly after her husband got a risque tattoo of her sporting lingerie in 2007. Of course, bigger ones are more visible and obvious but they do not however guarantee appreciation. While you and your best friend will have a nice broken heart pair of heart, those cute wrist tattoos will make you look very nice. Given the small area of the wrist, small to medium-sized tattoos are more appropriate to be inked on it.

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