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The only surviving authentic helmet that dates back to Viking times, was found in Gjermundby, Norway, and it has no horns.
Vikings were some of the bravest men and women living in the northern parts of Europe during the middle ages.
One of the most common tattoos in the world, Viking tattoos have been a hot favorite with many celebrities. The Vikings left few written records behind them but their surviving artwork shows they had many important designs and symbols, which are used as tattoos in the present times of fashion.
A must have for men, this tattoo depicts a Viking, who is determined to take revenge from all his enemies.
The symbol of courage and bravery, this was the Vikings fighting gear that showed his belief in himself. The heroic Viking face shows courage and zero tolerance of anything wrong, a must have for all no-nonsense people.
A care-free Viking who is ignorant of the surroundings but the real hero will not take any nonsense. The tattoo looks as real as a human and shows a handsome and strong Viking daring you to show your courage.
A lady Viking is the ideal design for a tattoo for all the women who want to fight it out in the male-dominated world. A tattoo representing the magical powers associated with the Celtic period when a real man was supposed to fight it out.
A tattoo for true winners as a Berzerker Viking fighting art was the deadliest in which you learn how to defeat anyone, anytime and anywhere.
An angry Viking warrior was considered the most dangerous person as he would never relent until the enemy was finished.

Do not mistake an old Viking to be weak, this design depicts the spirit of never giving up your courage.
An angry Viking will not spare any evil or wrongdoing and was the deadliest person to fight with. The Viking gods of wisdom and hard work, these two combined is the perfect example of hard work and success. The UK’s oldest and largest Dark Age re-enactment society, these vikings were known to be a dangerous lot. The real warrior, Viking Celtic tattoos were worn only by the courageous in the olden days. The real man look, a shaved Viking feared none and this tattoo is the true depiction of the masculine man.
Thor was the Viking god of thunder and lightning and so this tattoo depicts the superpower. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. If you are to get a tattoo nordic, you would probably like to have an image of something real, historically accurate. Nordic warriors were very practical people and their weapons designs were usually fairly simple. They were noted for their exploratory nature which led them to navigate vast stretches of oceans and reach out to various other parts of Europe and Asia as well as many North Atlantic islands.
Anyone who has read the Celtic history knows that Vikings were the real heroes who wore tattoos. The original meaning of most Viking symbols are a mystery that has not been solved even with passage of hundreds of years since their origin.

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In the transition from the era of the Vikings in the Middle Ages, Scandinavians also used the ax, said Dane, who was important, but not double. Vikings were also famous for their ship-building skills as well as their advanced social structures. Horned helmets are fiction, If your getting a tattoo for heritage reasons do the research get a tattoo true to it. It is true that there are some pictures that represent Viking helmets ceremony with two protrusions ending with birds or snakes’ heads, but they are completely different and were not used in battle.
Even today there is much fascination and intrigue surrounding the Vikings and their daring adventures. If the fantasy aspect is your thing have a blast; I only post this because it would be embarrassing to get a tattoo concerning heritage and end up with make-believe. People love to sport Viking-themed tattoos due to the allure and intrigue that surrounds them. They have been portrayed as a drinking horn server that warriors go to Valhalla, a place where courageous people came after their death. Along with the common images of Viking heroes, the famous Gods and Goddesses of Viking mythology such as Odin and Thor also make up popular subjects for tattoo arts. Apart from the traditional designs, Viking tattoos can also be combined with certain Celtic elements to make them more interesting.

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