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Getting quotes tattooed below breast has caught the fancy of girls quite a bit and undoubtedly look good on women when nicely done, turning up the feminine sensuality by a few notches.
Breast or chest is one of the best places to get a tattoo for women because it always looks appealing and charming. Thanks to various celebrities sporting breast tattoos bravely, breast inking may get more popular.
When deciding on a tattoo and have it on your breast, you should consider a few things, like the size, shape and proportion of the tattoo. Butterfly in Christianity may represent the resurrection and ascension of Christ in heaven. Tattoos about butterfly can be placed on various parts of the body but they’re usually found on the upper arm, back and shoulder. Since a butterfly is a feminine symbol, you can add a twist to it like making it a Gothic design. In addition to love and passion, heart tattoo design can also represent sincerity and compassion. Since a heart tattoo design is pretty common these days, you should consider getting a design that’s unique. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for you or you want to honor someone suffering from this disease. Some tattoo artists use their talents to assist those who underwent mastectomies to cover their scars with tattoo designs. The feather tattoos also symbolize speed, truth, flight, lightness, ascension, high spirit, dreams, purity, freedom, hope, courage, bravery, promise, journey of the soul, and magic.
These breast tattoo designs are just examples to give you an idea of the kind of tattoo design you wish to have on your own skin. We have assembled some meaningful quotes and sayings that girls will find apt to tattoo under the breast region.

And those who just underwent mastectomy, getting breast tattoos can be more appealing to these patients. If you want to follow your favorite celebs to have an ink on your chest, you’d get to choose whether you want to show it off or keep it hidden.
The color of the ink is also essential as you can get a normal black and white or have a colored one.
When you have a pair of bluebirds, it may represent knowledge and acceptance of the balance in nature. In China or in Asian culture, black butterfly could mean a recent death in your family or a loved one. Some artists would give a dark undertone to represent a loss of innocence or signify freedom. This isn’t only common among women but it’s also popular among men, especially to those who are in love or have had their hearts broken. And if you have a heart tattoo with a dog, it may represent that you have a love for this kind of animal.
Getting a breast cancer tattoo design is a way to show your support to those who are facing this disease. P-ink is a website that allows tattoo artists connect with women who want to cover their scars with tattoos. Including flower tattoos and their designs with your favorite flower, gives an extra special meaning to you.
They are admired by a lot of tattoo lovers. In Native American culture, the feathers symbolized the power of the gods.
When choosing for the right design, however, you should make sure that it’s the one that you want. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!

If you don’t want to have a large tattoo on your breast, check out our small tattoo ideas.
In a tribal tattoo, a butterfly can be of different things but it generally signifies connection with nature or a certain culture. Each culture had their own symbolic meanings, rituals and possible myths about their stars. Stars may have many meanings to the wearer.
Women and men both like to wear feather tattoos to show their Native American heritage or to get in touch with their spirituality. Many of the most used feather tattoo designs are eagle, peacock, ostrich, egret, and turkey feathers. Other common places for these tattoos are ankles, arms, legs, lower or upper back, shoulders or behind the ears. In the history of heart tattoo, sailors were the first people to use it as a symbol of love. These tattoo designs can virtually be in any color but usually have a different shade for depth.
Traditionally, shooting stars meant that one had a change in his life or a desire for a better life.
Shooting star tattoos look good in a single or multiple stars with long trails fading away.
But this type of design is usually worn by those who underwent breast surgeries after suffering from breast cancer.

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