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TATTOO LETTERING STYLES ALPHABET T tattoos, writing tattoos, our most popular requested styles alphabet tattoos letters.
We continue the series of articles with kick ass tattoo ideas for those who want to make their first tattoo or add a new one to their already existing ink collection with a new tattoo style that has born much controversy and discussions for and against: Trash Polka Tattoos,  a fairly new style that stands apart from the crowd, a style that you either love or hate, there is no between. Trash Polka Tattoo style resembles art collages that combine naturalistic and photo-realistic images with graphic elements that generate a chaotic, discordant look to the piece.
Although true Trash Polka Tattoos can only be executed by the artists who created it, anything else being an imitation, the work of Simone and Volko can serve as inspiration for all those who want a unique and appealing realistic tattoo. No matter on which side of “love it” or “hate it” you are, in a world were originality is becoming harder and harder to come by, the work and the creativity of the artists behind this new tattoo style must be appreciated.
Check out this beautiful tattoo gallery to see a few exemples of this rare and beautiful tattoo style. This bold font is all in Capital characters and is written with a combination of thick and thin lines.
The strong lettering of the tattoo shows the deep faith the wearer of the tattoo has with the text. What this tattoo reads is unclear, but there are several pointed edges in the tattoo lettering. The lettering here has a distinct princely style, like the style used in old european courts and palaces.
The strong lettering style in this tattoo also represents the strength of character of the wearer of the tattoo.

Thin Lines Lettering Style is looking so awesome and the coloring of the tattoo is also very good. These are all great fonts, very expressive and showing the different ideas in texts that have been inked by people.
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In a world where our most far-fetched dreams are possible with advances in technology such as drones and 3D printers, it is not surprise that Biomechanical tattoos have become so popular.
The art of color contrasts is used, combining photo-realistic portraits in a detailed presentation with simple graphical elements, such as some large black areas, strokes, or shown abstract forms, generating beautiful visual effects. However, to stay within the guidelines of the style, only red and black inks should be used. Since you appear to be reading this article (and hopefully enjoying it),  here’s our recommendations: American Traditional Tattoo Style,  Biomechanical Tattoos,  Watercolor Tattoo Style and  Steampunk Tattoos. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. We can all dream about having some iron under our skin making us almost invincible just like this arm tattoo.
The style is bold and the pieces are done in red and black ink, having a “just finished”, fresh look.
The original artists preferred to come up with their own imagery, but you may find an artist that is willing to work with images you want to use.

A combination that provides a unique, impressive visual appearance, but also raises some questions about how fast the tattoo will fade.
However, finding the appropriate font for the text can be a problem, as there are so many fonts. Considering that this is a new style, no one can tell yet if it will stand the test of time. Most of us follow the policy of going through numerous fonts before discovering the appropriate lettering. Another important aspect to be taken into account is that a big “body canvas” is needed in order to look as good as it should. To that end, many of us scrounge through the internet in search of sample lettering that would be appropriate to suit our fascination of decorating our bodies. Text tattoos can be a line from a song, they can be just a statement or they can even be a single word summarizing the emotions of the person wearing the tattoo. Whatever is the nature of the text tattoo, finding the appropriate font for the tattoo is of paramount importance.

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