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The Japanese Kirin traces its origins to Chinese mythology, but they have diverged quite a bit since then, both in physical appearance and attributes.
The Kirin is a benevolent creature (a protector) that, while incredibly powerful, will not harm another living creature unnecessarily. They are said to appear only in lands ruled by a just and virtuous leader, therefore the appearance of a Kirin is a very good omen, (particularly for the ruling family) as they are fierce adversaries of deceit and cruelty. While Kirin are peaceful creatures, when angered they roar with the sound of thunder and can spit fire. Firstly, since conceiving getting a tattoo of a kirin three years ago, I’m so glad to see such a staggering amount of reference material on the web now, compared to then. Sometime, the words of someone else expresses something about you that you yourself could have never articulated.
As a web designer, of course I get a kick out of this “head tag“, not only does it celebrate HTML markup, but its placement is clever (and the kerning is nicely done!) Do it big! Hi, I’m Liz!I am a sex-positive graphic designer and comic maker who strives to use my creative skills to break down stigmas about sexuality and advocate for social justice.
I have owned and operated CMD+Shift Design, a full-service design studio that provides high-quality design, development and marketing strategy since 2008.

They do not hunt or eat meat and supposedly move without disrupting even the grass underfoot. Kirin means giraffe in Japanese, and while the do not resemble a giraffe in appearance, it is believed that the Kirin was fashioned after the giraffe’s serene disposition.
Ah, yes, a virtuous leader, you mean like King David, or more recently , Minamoto no Yoritomo?
Upon their return, they were unloading the animals obtained from the journey, much to the surprise and wonderment of the people fortunate enough to witness it. These people celebrate their favorite fonts with letter that can represent a whole person, idea or meaning in one single letter.
I live in Seattle WA where I co-founded All Cycles, a grassroots Outreach Project for community members to bring menstrual supplies to folks in need. They are said to have the head of a dragon, the body of a deer, often covered with the scales of a fish or dragon, the legs of a horse and the tail of a bull. They’d never seen the likes of such creatures as lions, elephants, or rhinos, so on and so forth. I am currently working as a Designer for Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest & Hawaiian Islands.

Typography is one of my favorite parts of design and it is one of those things you can find in unlikely places.
Sometimes on an old store sign, or a business card, the back of a food package or even on someones body.
Iean, think about it, from a ninth century perspective, they had the stag-like legs, which helped them to walk around without really pushing over the grass around them. Also, their pattern somewhat resembles scales, not to mention their bull-like tail and their antlers, sitting atop a long dragon-like neck, all adorned in such a golden hue. This worked out for the king for if one of them is such a great omen, then two must truly mean that he is a great king. Evidence of this confusion is still prevalent today, as referenced by the se kanji being used for both.

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