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Another superstitious belief held by the ancient Japanese tribes was that one could actually acquire the characteristics of the animal by wearing its tattoo. An interesting observation revealed that the Japanese actually believed that cranes had a life expectancy of thousands of years.
The snow white body feathers of the crane contrasted by the black feathers on the neck provide the visual contrast that accentuates the design. For those wanting a unique and highly personal piece of body art, animal tattoos are an excellent choice. An experienced tattoo artist can render animals quite realistically, creating a visually stunning work or art that catches the eye and invites comments. One of the animals most commonly depicted in tattoos, the lion, is often used as a symbol of strength, pride, and loyalty. While animal tattoos can be a bit expensive because of their intricacy, they are well worth the cost for anyone who wants to have a stunning work of body art that they can be proud to show off. My name is Marcia, live in Brazil, veterinary doctors and I’m creating a diverse blog where I intend to put several interesting things, among them images of tattoos of animals. Yes please feel free, if you can credit my website if you link to it that would be appreciated!
Atlanta Boston Calgary Chicago Dallas Denver London Los Angeles Minneapolis Montreal New York Portland San Francisco Seattle Toronto Vancouver Washington D.C. Common animals seen in tattoo include: the koi fish, lions and tigers, bears, wolves, dogs and cats, birds, especially peacocks and eagles, frogs, lizards, butterflies, dragonflies. Throughout time and literature, animals of varying species will symbolize different things. When a person gets an animal tattoo it can represent how the animal represents their true self or may even mark a significant turning point in their life. It all depends on the symbolism behind the animal totem and our individual interpretation of this symbolism.
It could have been used to differentiate the person from other members of the social group or be used by the person to distinguish them for some outstanding physical characteristic, such as the amount of hair they have or the shape of their face. Animal lover or not, there is no denying animal tattoos are some of the most beautiful and lovable tattoo designs out there. Discover the history and meaning of the most popular Japanese animal tattoos of all times.The images of animals have been an integral and prominent part of the Japanese culture for centuries. The ancient tribes of Japan stamped themselves with different animal tattoos based upon the significance that particular animal held for them.
In fact there are a number of animals that are held in high esteem by the people of Japan even today.
The ancient tribes would wear the images of different animals believing that they could save them from bad luck and ill fortune.

The crane has long stood as a metaphorical representation of wisdom, longevity, fidelity and fortune. Crane tattoos are often found in limited color with great detail being put on the long wings and the texture of the feathers. Nearly every animal imaginable can be used as part of a tattoo design, so the possibilities are virtually endless. Tattooing images of animals can be rather tricky, though, so it is important to look for an artist who has completed many similar tattoos. The bright, contrasting colors of these birds, when correctly represented in tattoo art, translate to an attention-grabbing piece that garners many comments and much admiration. Unicorns are popular among younger females – though they are mythical creatures, they can be rendered quite “realistically”. I found the site and thought of you wonderful and would like to have authorization to disclose on my blog and I await response. So, when one person gets an animal tattoo, it may mark a turning point in their life, or how that animal represents their soul. Animal tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos that a person can get and with good reason. With so many creatures to choose from in the animal kingdom, it can be difficult deciding which one to have tattooed.Cats and dogs are obviously some of the most popular choices among both men and women, however i guess it all depends on your own walk of life. With tons of superstitious and religious beliefs the Japanese had a wide range of animals that were known to carry innate meaning and symbolism. This practice was common amongst the very first tribes that settled into Japan such as the Ainu and Wa people. Some of these animals were actually considered to be gods such as the tiger throughout Japanese history.
Although the snake is an animal considered to have a negative character by the global society in Japan it stood for wisdom and healing. It is common to find the crane being paired with other symbols of longevity in Japanese tattoo art.
They have taken to the art form with no reservations whatsoever whereas in Japan people are still quite reserved about the practice of tattooing. A good artist will be able to produce a portfolio of animal tattoos, showing his or her ability to use correct shading and detailing techniques.
And the phoenix, a mythical firebird that is at the center of many regional legends, has been used in a variety of ways to represent strength, rebirth, and determination. It could be an expression of a personality trait that they have, such as strength or purity or anything else. Whatever animal the family members are born in the year of, can be their symbol in a tattoo.

Animals can also be depicted in a tribal tattoo design or even new school with bright, unrealistic colors.
Some people just find a fascination with an animal species, and feel the need to have it tattooed on their body.
All throughout history animals have represented qualities that us humans have wanted to emulate. Animal tattoos can also be used to try to attribute personality aspects of a particula animal to the individual, particularly ones that they don’t already have. Hence those who wanted to acquire these character traits would wear snake tattoos on different parts of their body. The use of the crane with pine trees, bamboos, stones and tortoises is common in the history of Japan. For example, if one chooses an animal to show that their are strong and fierce, they may choose to use the tiger or lion to do that. Most animal tattoos that are the most impressive are realistic tattoos, especially if the animals are depicted in some kind of action.
Some of the more common animal tattoos that people get nowadays include cats, dogs, tigers, lions, horses, wolves, birds, dragons, snakes and frogs. If one wants to represent freedom, they may choose an animal that can fly like a bird or a butterfly. Each of one these has its own meaning and all it takes is a little research to find the one that you identify with the most.
The wearer of this animal tattoo is probably trying to tell the world that they are dangerous and a force to be reckoned with.
Elephants, like the one shown in the pictured animal tattoo, is commonly used as a symbol of good luck.
It would be better described as an insect tattoo, because technically that’s what a spider is. As a matter of fact, cultures all over the world have used the image of the elephant as talisman. But, for the purposes of our discussion let’s put it in the animal tattoo category anyway. So, the next time you consider getting an animal tattoo you might what to give the elephant a try. Animal tattoos have been used since the dawn of tattooing for a number of different reasons.

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