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Hip – The hip has become a fairly popular tattoo spot on females, and only shows when you’re in just underwear or a bikini. Side – The side of the body is an extremely popular place for tattoos, and can be extremely cute.
Dragonfly – Though most women (and men) don’t like insects, dragonfly’s are a very popular female tattoo. If you’re looking for tattoo ideas for your first tattoo, its normal to be nervous about getting permanent ink on your body.

Female tattoos are most often less aggressive, with thinner lines and softer looking than men’s tattoos. Only shown when wanted, and can be flashed when bending over, which will give the feeling that you saw something you shouldn’t ;).
Roses, lilies, hibiscus, and lotus flowers are popular flower tattoo ideas with each flower having a deep symbolic meaning.
You should be original in your choosing of female tattoo ideas, take or create a design that has some meaning to you!

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