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Kimberley Vlaminck, the young Belgian says she went to a tattoo parlor to get three small stars tattooed, but the foreign artist misunderstood her request and left her with 56 stars covering the left side of her face. She’s better off accepting his offer so she can hurry up and get at least half those stars off her noggin. What happens when a beauty treatment designed to make you look gorgeous does the exact opposite – and turns into a nightmare?
A simple $10 procedure turned into a more than $120 expense to treat this eyebrow wax gone wrong. If you think the warning about doing a skin test on your hair is just a silly precaution, think again.
After undergoing several plastic surgery procedures, Pete Burns of “Dead or Alive” fame decided to have his lip implants removed. Sure, a facelift can drastically transform your appearance, but it’s likely this isn’t what you’re going for. If we could offer one piece of advice, it’s to talk with others before deciding which salon to use for your laser hair removal treatment.
If you’ve heard horror stories about people being burned by photo facial treatments, or those who suffered hyper pigmentation afterward, perhaps you should take heed.
Even though spray tans won’t harm your skin as much as actual sunlight, you should still be cautious.
We all want to be a bit more beautiful and whether you are into the latest news in cosmetology or how-to's on beauty, hair, or massage trends, "One Beautiful" Blog can nail it for you. Around the globe and across the runways, trends are always changing, making it sometimes hard to keep up. As I was thinking about this today, I was reminiscing about my roommate at University who got a really bad tattoo on her ankle one night when she was out with her friends. I’ve included some pictures of bad tattoos below, but first I want to show you that tattoos can be beautiful. You seem to confuse unattractive people for bad tattoos and pictures of pretty people for good tattoos. It may seem strange, but according to the author of these photos, some Russian bodybuilders look like this. No offense but you guys barely understand market economies and see every down turn as proof that it is bad. I hope it drives the price of houses down in the cities i’d love to get a second place i could stay when i am partying. Bear Stearns is looking for people like you with just such an understanding of market dynmics.
By the way, the blue thing that holds his hair in place is a fashion among young guys in Russia now. I fail to see that this person’s sexual preference is relevant to anything whatsoever.
However, dental work is needed for the poor soul, I am willing to start a fund-raiser for this, we can get those eye-teeth whittled down and go from there. And if this guy wants to draw attention and look like a twisted freak, so be it, his right to do so!

I just don’t understand why someone wants to look feminine and masculine at the same time. I taught english for a couple years in Volgograd, mostly taught adults but also taught a lot of kids.
If he were comfortable in his own skin, he wouldn’t be trying to transform himself like that. And beth, thankyou, i completly agree, i am so happy that he is comforetable in his own skin, i wish i could meet him and ask were he got his fangs!!!!!!!!!
At one time or another, it’s likely you’ve heard the horror stories or at least talked to someone who’s had a beauty treatment go wrong.
After permanent lip liner was tattooed on her lips, she soon found out that the staff member was a bit confused on where lip liner should actually be placed. This unlucky lady made the mistake of doing a 24-hour test instead of the recommended 48 hours. But instead of completely removing it, his skin was injected with a filler that caused swelling, blisters, discharge and lumps. This beauty treatment gone wrong cost nearly $8,000 and was intended to smooth out wrinkles, erase lines around the mouth, and remove fatty tissue in the neck. This was a botched job on legs, but imagine how painful it could be on your face or even bikini line?!
All aesthetic treatments should be done by an accredited doctor, or it could result in burns like these.
I know I’ve been telling you since last summer that I am going to get my first tattoo, but I still haven’t done it yet. Back then (in the late 90s), it wasn’t common practice to have tattoos removed and I remember she wore a band-aid over it every day to work so people wouldn’t see it. Believe it or not, there is a shade lighter than this in the color range and a shade ever so slightly darker and pinker than this as well.
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Maybe there are some things that YOU should keep secret, like your out-dated, tired, sweeping stereotypes. To my trained eye, these guys are from some remote Russian town where there’s no real job, where you cannot make any money, where there’s nothing else to do but drink home-made vodka and swim in that swamp, and they truly, actually believe that what they do on these pictures is cool. But then I noticed his eyebrows are very feminine, he is wearing makeup and he is wearing a g-string.
Isn’t it a little ironic that the hate, that you cherish so much, is the same force that ultimately will destroy your life? I gotta know who did his work, id go all the way to Russia to get the same guy to do some tattoo’s for me!!!! Take a look at some unfortunate beauty and makeup mishaps– it may just make you think twice (or do some pretty good research) before scheduling your next service. Now, the patient is considering what seems like one of the only options for this extreme mishap – laser tattoo removal. Instead, the patient wasn’t able to move her top lip, and couldn’t talk, eat, or drink for weeks following the procedure.
Be especially wary of salons that offer a discount on hair removal – lower prices can be a sign of untrained technicians or ineffective treatment.

Joceyln Wildenstein, wife of billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein, has reportedly spent more than $4 million on plastic surgery.
I want to do it so badly, but then I get freaked out when I think about how permanent it all is. In addition to that, the coverage is so amazing that I don't need to use as much concealer as I normally would..
It certainly does not feel "light" but I don't feel like I'm wearing a mask or anything like that. I'm totally going to check out the Rehab Priming Elixir and Tattoo Concealer from this line. You know, when I returned to Russia from the US, the first thing that I’ve noticed was how all men (young and not so young) looked and dressed totally gay here. They were some of the best students I ever had, always came to class on time, had all their stuff done when they were supposed to. Now go and join back your herd until it walks away singing its choral of a political correct, media-controlled unanimity.
Nevermind the pain, the noise of the tattoo-gun right next to her left ear would have been enough to keep her awake.Kimberley says she must have been drugged by Rouslan Toumaniantz, the shop-owner and the guy who executed the tattoo, but he insists the girl specifically asked for 56 stars tattooed on her face. The salon tried to heal it with soothing cream, and in the end, reimbursed the customer for their treatment and the medical costs associated with it – including a cream and antibiotics. Her neck was also immovable for several months because the skin around it was pulled so tight.
She’s undergone silicone injections to her lips, cheeks, and chin, eye reconstruction, a brow lift, Botox, and lip implants. I promise you, when I finally get one, I’m going to video tape the whole experience so I can share it with you, not that you want to see that. I would like to see how they all work together.  Do you think this is the foundation for you? He says the whole scandal started when the 18-year-old went home and showed her family and boyfriend the permanent artwork.
Her head, neck, and face began to swell, and she eventually needed to be put on an IV and given antihistamines to ease the pain and swelling.
The patient described the pain as someone pressing hot curling irons onto her back, but the spa led her to believe the pain was normal. She explained that she wasn’t able to come to class because she was in the hospital being treated for a broken arm and two broken ribs. Her and her sister were attacked on the way to class by a group of skinheads, all because they were Chinese.
I never did see the younger one again, but I know that she lived and had to have stitches on her face from knife cuts. What amazed me more was that no one seemed to do anything about it, no charges were pressed, no one was brought to justice.
Honestly it still sickens me to think that this kind of hate can lead people to do such horrible things, to beat up innocent little girls.

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