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A young Indian has his girlfriend's name 'Sony' tattooed on his chest by a street artist in New Delhi.
A tattoo artist adds the final touches to his work as he wipes off the colours and blood from a man's arm (left). Some of the so-called 'artists' are actually just amateurs who draw wonky designs or misspell names. The Worst Tattoos In Music ITattooscelebrityMusiccoolWhile most tattooed rock stars look damn cool, there are other stars who will surely regret their dire tattoos in years to come.
You don’t have to be a die hard sports fan to love basketball tattoos, but I am sure it would make a difference in your choice of tattoos. I would think this type of tattoo would be better suited placed on a shoulder or an arm versus anywhere else.
Truthfully I haven’t seen a lot of sports tattoos except on the Raiders football fans.
In fact name tattoo designs are probably one of the most sought after designs that take the longest to figure out which is right for the ink lover.
This is mainly due to the fact that the type of lettering you use can make the name less or more legible to read, some font types may be better suited for specific names, while others may make the name look completely different and hard to understand.While women are more likely to get tattoo name designs that utilize a script lettering font, it truly depends on the name being used in the design idea.
I like the details in this tattoo, and you can tell the artist put his heart and soul into the design. If it was me I would take old girlfriends names off my skin real quick or you are going to end up with some new girlfriend trying to scratch the name off for you.

Shorter names and names with more curvy lettering always look much better in script than any other type of font design. I am not even sure if I have seen pro basketball players with basketball tattoos to tell you the truth.
If you are looking to get the name in larger lettering, using bolder fonts may be better suited. However, depending on the name you are representing or the additional design elements that you choose to incorporate into your tattoo, you may also want to consider areas such as the back, thighs or chest as well. Many men utilize the chest area to place their name tattoos so that they are easily seen when shirtless. Women are more prone to areas such as lower back and upper thighs instead.Think long and hard about the meaning behind the name you are looking to tattoo on your body. This will play a direct role on the type of lettering, size and design elements that you should incorporate into the final piece.
For example, when getting your own name, you may want to keep it separate from other design elements and place it on an area of the body that is frequently exposed such as your arms or legs. Certain name tattoos are easily highlighted with color ink, many even utilize various colors to make certain letters or spacings stand out. You will often see this type of artwork when using names that are hyphenated or initialed.Name tattoo designs do not always have to be created in a straight pattern as well.
Many people showcase their individuality and creativity by forming a pattern with the lettering such as hearts, diamonds and even zig zag lines around another larger design.

This can create amazing complete tattoo designs and add a bit of value to the name since it usually highlights each design element that is incorporated into the tattoo.Often times, you will come across a name tattoo that is not the center of attention, as large as the name may be present.
This is usually done by using basic, solid black font lettering and shading to create the name in the center of a larger, usually colored piece.
In a sense, this makes both the name tattoo designs and the additional picture elements stand out in their own way. The contrast between the colors is especially important with these styles as you will not want the pictures to take the attention away from the name and vice versa.Often times, you will find that many men that take advantage of name tattoo designs, do so to honor the birth of their child or the name of their wife. The chest area is a common place for these types of tattoos for men if they are looking for a smaller name design or have multiple names that they want to showcase.However, many times these types of tattoos, depending on the name being represented, are covered up at some point in their life. However, in the case of girlfriends, wives and lovers – name tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoos that request coverups at some point.Here are some more amazing ways that you can present your name tattoo designs to the world in a unique and honorable fashion!
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