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Tahseen is proved to be a modern proficient in the sphere of photography after completing his masters in banking & finance coupled with couple of jobs as Finance Manager in well reputed companies. Some beautiful and fascinating portraits  focussed on beards, tattoos and freckles, made by Australian photographer Brock Elbank. As a playful boy who had eternal youth and could fly, Peter Pan enjoyed his never-ending childhood with the Lost Boys on the island of Neverland where they interacted with mermaids, fairies, pirates, Native Americans, as well as ordinary children who came from outside of their homeland. After its release, the character and stories of Peter Pan became immensely influential among both adults and children.

Tattoos are popular in many cultures, as a form of artistic and personal expression, a sense of rebellion, or for religious purposes. Other notable characters from the novels such as Tinker Bell and Wendy Darling also became hugely popular.
Besides giving rise to several works of stage plays, animated movies and motion pictures, characters and scenarios from Peter Pan novels have often been chosen as cool tattoo arts. While a tattoo is generally a permanent surgical insertion of pigment under the skin, there are also other tattoo-style forms of skin decoration such as Mehandi (Henna) and others.

They also denote magical qualities and ideas such as romance, love, beauty, truth, dreaminess and a utopian world.

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