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What is the first thought that comes to mind when one mentions tattoos, the traditionally modern art form? If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Pig Tattoos, Black and Grey Tattoos, Old People With Tattoos and Cholo Tattoos.
Dreadful and ugly, this guy causes one to feel revulsion and makes a mockery of the tattoo art with his face. Anyone who looks at this skull tattoo, done on the bald man’s head, is bound to feel scare and awe. Take a look at this back tattoo done with a skeleton design woven into a corset format to form a creative and awe-inspiring tattoo piece. People at times do terrible things in their zeal to get a unique tattoo and this man shows us how.
The guy shows off his awful face that has been decorated with stars and vines, covering the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. Well the artistic tribal design does look elegant but an overdose of it can mar the entire display and the man in this image is a perfect example of the same.
Excess of the body art and that too done in a bawdy manner, has ruined the look of this bald guy and he looks simply terrible. Having a tattoo on one’s face does not always make you look handsome and the result can be terrible too. This tattoo artist sure knows about the art but has gone way too crazy in his zeal to sport his passion for his profession. Well, flowers look beautiful but the skull is certainly not a good location to get it done.
Terrible to the core; this full back, skull tattoo, created with dark ink arouses awe in the eyes of onlookers. Hands and mouths done in a creative look awesome and symbolize the rising greed of man who brings sorrows at the end. Man with full front tattoo presents a fearsome portrait to the eyes that is scary as well as stunning. The man has got a beast and animal, entwined together, on his back, to give vent to his fears. This is a tattoo that is awesome in a scary way and the tattoo artist must be given full credits for creating it in a cool manner. The oriental symbol of power and wisdom scares with its roaring portrait, done on the back of the guy.
It is always terrible to see people with extreme fascination for tattoos and this guy takes the craze a bit, too far.

Dark and dreadful; this back tattoo is damn terrible and one feels revulsion at the mere sight of it.
The bracelets with worms, pins and teeth, carved around the forearms, arouse fear and a sick feeling, the moment one takes a look at them. A symbol of the darker side of humankind, these masks, etched on the back, look frightening. This is an abstract tattoo design that looks like as though there is a big wound, sitting on the foot. Ghastly tattoo design, created on the inside of the arm, makes one cringe in fear and disgust.
The inner part of the body never looks pleasant to the eyes and this skeleton on the hand makes one feel awful. Gruesome cat tattoo done on the back scares in an instant with its dreadful gaze and cruel smile. This tattoo has got some resemblance with blood and gore and therefore, it looks very terrible. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. From inking your body with a wild tiger Charlie Sheen or a rather simian depiction of your children, tattoos give people a great opportunity to brand themselves with their own stupidity. Tom Arnold ruined all chances of being buried in a Jewish cemetery when he decided to tattoo a giant Star of David on his chest. I have four other tattoos already, in places that are not visible during every day life, but I wanted my wrist inked to serve as a highly visual reminder to me that a decision I made recently was a really really good one. I may now earn WAY less money than I used to, but the plus sides of my life now outweigh the past negative ones to a degree that is breathtaking.
Yet, as the brain, and memory, is prone to confuse, every now and then, I get frustrated with the distinct lack of money in my back account, and the feeling of continually being broke.
So, I wanted an immediate way to jolt myself out of maudlin regret memory mode and into the sharp reality of my actually much much happier life now….. Now, out of all of those areas, aside from the head, they are all areas that can be kept private and covered up, if chosen—so, given the pain factor, and the immense social stigma and anti-social nature of getting your face tattooed, why do people do it? In 2011, 31% of employers nationwide told job website Career Builder that having a visible tattoo would hinder a candidate’s likelihood of being promoted. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg—you’ll also likely be rejected in job interviews, get asked for drugs on the street, get stopped by the cops more frequently, thrown out of hotels, treated as a criminal, and refused entry in to clubs…. Historically, gang bangers and bikers tattooed their hands and faces as a badge of solidarity—to set themselves aside from regular society and make a statement to the world that they were non-conformist and refused to play by the rules.

But, face tattoos have started creeping more and more into every day life, with Kat Von D’s cluster of stars around the eyes, Mike Tyson’s tribal tattoo encompassing one side of his face, and Cee Lo Green’s prison style question mark by his right eye and cross just below his left—inked up visages are becoming more and more mainstream. That said, unless you’re a member of the criminal underworld, a tattoo artist, a musician, or certified card carrying counter-culture warrior, you still really should think before you ink in a highly visible place folks….
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It sure is funny how improving the look of the little hairy patches seems to be quite possibly one of the most difficult things in the world to do. If you look up the Maori peoples on google (or on images) nearly every one of the culture has a facial tattoo. She initially lied to the press—and her furious parents—insisting she had only requested three stars near her eyes but then fell asleep and discovered way more. However, one must have heard about the creative branch strongly rooted in this art form and this very branch has terrible tattoos growing over it. Most of the designs that come under this category include blood, gore, fearful portraits and ugly patterns. If you want a tatto in your body, you must see to it that it will look good and will suit you badly. For women it’s usually the chin area and for men the full face of low half of the face. That way you’ll sure to be the first to receive funny stuff like the Worst Eyebrow, Bad Tattoos and Family Photos and a slew of there mood-improving funnies! At times an inappropriately located tattoo also becomes dreadful to watch, though the artifact might be excellent in its sole format. But then again, yer sure givin’ us all good fodder to make these post of bad, bad eyebrows and fashion fails!
Some are also unfortunate as the particular tattoo is not their desire but only a wrong choice of the artist. If you are thinking of checking out such horrible and awe-inspiring art forms then take a look at this post.
The 48-year-old Iowa man had ’93 Rock’ tattooed across his forehead after hearing a DJ offer a six-figure payout for doing so……Imagine Winkelman’s horror when he discovered that the DJ had actually just been joking….

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