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Hailing from Carlyle, Northern England, visual artist Will Prince, is making his name known on both sides of the pond. Initially drawing cartoon images, he would blend his love for art and Hip-Hop to create entrancing pieces, and the subjects of his pieces have taken notice.
Currently residing in Austin, Texas on a work visa, the artist has seen some of the hippest parts of the country and turns heads with his art in every location. A 13.8 tonne sperm whale has been buried at landfill after being washed up on an Edinburgh beach. The mammal which had been photographed being towed away in a truck trailer, is thought to have been dead for some time, probably after being hit by the propellers of a boat.

The Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme (SMASS) said the necropsy was taking place at the landfill site because the size of the whale meant their only option was to remove the carcass as landfill. An exhibition has opened up at Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool last month which includes an installation made entirely of old plastic containers.
The nine three-foot high piles are part of artist Robyn Woolston’s Strangers in a Strange Land which aims to bring attention to the amount of waste which currently gets thrown away without being recycled.
His art features strong expressive lines full of life, which add a level of excitement to his pieces. The time before getting the attention, Will would post his work on the Kanye West fan site, in hopes of getting noticed, and luckily it paid off.
Expanding on his artistic horizon, Will plans on dabbling in painting, as well as screen printing, to keep his inspiration flowing. Prince is a lifelong artist, with techniques evolving with age, but his art which has garnered the most attention are those involving Hip-Hop.

Celebrities such as Rick Ross, who posted the artist’s work on his Instagram, and Wiz Khalifa who keeps his phone encased in one of Will’s artwork iPhone cases, sporting the rapper’s image. The artist has also been making his name known at the SXSW annual festival, showcasing his work and building his contacts.
For those of you that would be interested in seeing the artist and his work live, a pop-up shop is in the works at the moment in the city of London, location to be disclosed in the near future. First realizing his affinity for drawing in his secondary school (that’s high school for those of you stateside) art classes.

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