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AnonymousFebruary 26, 2012 at 4:32 PMI am so sorry to hear that native americans are still strugling, although unfortunatly, I am not surprised. I want to hear from you but any comment that advocates violence, illegal activity or that contains advertisements that do not promote activism or awareness, will be deleted. Celebrated singer-songwriter Frank Turner is set to bring his rousing brand of literary folk punk to fans across North America in 2012. AltPress is hosting the exclusive album stream for Frank Turner’s new record England Keep My Bones. Pre-order Frank Turner’s new album England Keep My Bones, in stores June 7th, at the Epitaph Store. This site, along with others, aims to reveal the reality of America and the loss of fact inherent to the over riding theme of our current political and social confusion: Purposeful deception.

The charismatic young British troubadour will be performing with his band the Sleeping Souls in support of his acclaimed new album England Keep My Bones. While there seems to be some hope for the future in that some claims like those of Canada's Indian population are being recognized and appreciated, many other groups are still losing their land to this day. Historically, Native Americans have had a much higher appreciation for the land and what it can provide them. They attach a spiritual component to their land and, as a result, approach the relinquishment or sale of those lands with great apprehension. This report indicates that local and national legislatures are becoming less willing to afford Native Americans the protections to which they've become accustomed. There is legislation pending to overrule the trust acquisition component of the Department of the Interior.

This opportunity has done much to help Native Americans secure land which their economic status would not otherwise permit. The conservative political tide seems bent on trying to, once and for all, destroy what little pride and self-esteem remains within these communities.

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