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There are several popular tree tattoo designs like the tree of life, willow tree, palm tree, cherry blossom tree, oak tree and dead tree each standing for a particular meaning.
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The branches represent the continual nature of the life and the blossoms stand for new beginning. Tattoo artists along with their clients can create such tattoo designs are just amazing and incredible.

Palm tree symbolizes harmony and peace and it’s loved by women because of the appealing beauty it has.
Cherry blossoms stand for the cycle of life and they are special elements in Japanese and Chinese tattoo art. Different trees play significant roles in different cultures.Such designs are usually loved by tattoo art enthusiasts who appreciate nature and like to surround themselves with natural elements. On the other hand these tattoos have symbolic meanings and bring a kind of charm to bodies. Cherry blossoms have another great role in this culture representing the ability of surviving and overcoming difficulties. And the dead tree tattoo is mainly associated with the person you loved and the designs of these tattoos are usually combined with skulls, lions, wolves and raven.

Bodhi tree is very symbolic in Buddhism as it is believed that Buddha gained enlightenment just under this very tree.
Another reason why people wear tree tattoos is that they are very useful for our health and for our planet.

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