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I latterly found a best collection of  thoughtful  quotes which can drive you towards a right track and certainly serve as an inspiration.Today I have gathered and compiled some thoughtful quotes. It is important to choose the writing to be used on the headstone very carefully as it will be your tribute towards the deceased.
Well, choosing a verse from the Bible is the most challenging as well as emotional task also. Well, the above mentioned inspirational Bible verses can be used as a perfect inscription on a headstone. But despite of this emotional situation one has to overcome it and make necessary planning to say a final goodbye to the deceased.
Also the headstone serves as a grave identifier and tells others about how important the deceased person was for you.

The most common way to do it is by having the deceased’s name, date of birth, and date of death inscribed on a headstone.
But with the help of family member and friends, you can easily select verses from Bible that convey the messages related to peace, love and remembrance. Through knowledge & wisdom there comes in a moment of inspiration when a man realizes the reality of his being, the outcome of his insight and the spectrum which directs him in tough times.
You can also use a personal message, some thoughtful prayer, famous quotes and some verses from the Bible. If you are finding it difficult in making a final choice, take help from family members and friends. One such important thing is buying a headstone, placement of the headstone and what you should write on the headstone.

There is an entire new world to seek, new horizons to explore, an impulse to follow and of course someone as a torchbearer to guide us & push us forward. Aaron Christopher Judd has designed this collection of best quotes and they are manifested in stunning pictures. Scroll down to learn from these inspirational and thoughtful quotes from Judd’s 365 Quotes from Tumblr (part 2).

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