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Tipping your tattoo artist is pretty customary these days, and unless you get tattooed on a regular basis you probably wouldn’t know it. Anything less than $20 per session may seem like a bit of an insult, but anything more than $50 may be a bit straining on your budget. Just know that tipping your tattooist is in fact a thing, and while not always expected, is always a cool way of showing some appreciation for something you’ll have with you for the rest of your life.
I've been tattooed by Eric Poland, Peter Campbell, Jen Beirola, Sean Beck, Michael Wooten, Jersey Ferraro, Ben Zehner and Eddie Oaks.

Throwing your tattoo artist a little extra cash at the end of a session is always a nice gesture that a lot of clients don’t know about. If your tattoo takes three sessions as well as any touching up, tipping $20 each time you visit ads up to $100 – not a bad tip in total, and spaced out over time it should be pretty affordable. I want my Right side ribs done of a Robot releasing giant bunnies into NYC, as people flee.
You can see me in such films as The Bleeding, Neato Mosquito and A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.

Additionally, i've been lucky enough to be featured on album covers, music videos and artist renderings.

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